Feeling scattered but want to do more?

Think Like a Strategist to get clear and make the right choices to move your business forward.

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Ever thought to yourself, "I'm not sure if this is the right step to take next..."

As founders, steering the vision for our business is in our hands.

The beautiful part about this is that we get to decide how our life will look and what we want to do.

The challenging part? No one teaches you how to forge your own path. 

That's kind of the point too, since it's a unique path that hasn't been created yet. 

It's also a stumbly path, with its many ups and downs.

On the road of building our businesses we need to be ready to address challenges, solve problems, inspire and hire people, sell ethically, brush off naysayers, take constructive feedback, bounce back from failure, learn a lot, and wade through the many messages entrepreneurs are bombarded with about what you “should” do.

    Maybe you’ve found yourself wishing you could just tune out the noise, remove the clutter, get clear, and be sure you’re making the right decisions.

    Why Strategic Thinking Helps Founders Get Clear

      Regrettably, the word strategy has become a trendy, often misused, term.

      Some people perceive it to mean coming up with your purpose or “why”. Or, using a fill-in-the-blanks “mission, vision, values” PDF worksheet. Others think of it as setting goals. And, while I love a good goal setting session, strategy is not goal setting.

      Strategy is an active practice used to analyze an existing challenge. Then, make a concrete set of decisions to form a sound plan that you can act on to remedy the situation. Nothing fluffy, generic, or esoteric.

      Strategic thinking, and systems thinking, is the lens that you apply to this practice. It helps you make better choices, get focused, and anticipate and respond well to challenges. 

      If you're working tirelessly to bring a bold, ambitious vision to life, you might find yourself starting to feel a bit scattered—especially when your business grows beyond just you.

      The Think Like a Strategist email trainings are designed to help you understand what strategy really is, build a strategic lens, and learn how you can use it get clear on your next moves.

      This is especially relevant if you:

      • Have a growing team or plan to hire your first team member in the next 12~ months
      • Value original thinking and want to build a meaningful business
      • Want to lead and execute more effectively

      Learn how to make the right choices for your business

      Deep dive into strategy and systems thinking principles through concise email trainings. Delivered to your inbox, once a month, free.

      We'll cover topics that will enable you to:

      • Know exactly what steps to take to grow without feeling scattered
      • Develop a personalized system to reduce decision fatigue
      • Understand how to create momentum for yourself and your team (contractors or employees)
      • Determine where to invest your resources (money + time + effort + support) in execution

      The next training releases the last week of January 2021.

      Occasionally, you’ll also get invitations to join 1:1 programs and workshops to help you plan, execute, and evaluate strategically.

      Who's behind Think Like a Strategist?

      Hi, I'm Monisha Bajaj.

      I work with founders 1:1 to help them craft solid business strategy and create structure to ensure smooth execution. I also help people set up personal organization systems. 

      My official title is an Operations Strategy Consultant. I like to say my speciality is "where strategy meets execution."

      Over the past 5 years, I've worked with 8-figure companies to businesses just getting started. Some of my highlights include: running 153+ strategy sessions, architecting and managing a $1M+ digital production project with 22+ distributed team members, leading 7-10 remote teams concurrently, structuring entire businesses and specific departments, optimizing day-to-day processes, just to name a few.

      As a result, my clients have gone from feeling stretched too thin and stressed out to reducing their work hours, expanding their teams, launching sold out programs, and streamlining their business.

      I'm also founder of two ventures, a non-profit organization that runs interpersonal violence prevention programs and an operations strategy consultancy for digital and service-based businesses.

      Why did I start Think Like a Strategist?

      Now, I'm excited to bring you Think Like a Strategist. 

      One of my personal ethos is "learn, share, grow together."

      I consistently dedicate 3-4 hours every week to studying strategy and systems thinking principles, alongside applying it to my consulting practice and own businesses. 

      I've created Think Like a Strategist to share what I'm learning in theory and practice. So we can learn and grow together. 

      After you subscribe, I hope you find the email trainings thought-provoking and helpful. And, I look forward to getting to know you over email too.

      — Monisha

      About Strategy With Monisha in the words of Her Clients

        "[Monisha] is such a pleasure to work with. 

        Her expertise and skills have revolutionized the way I do work and she has helped me get closer to my dreams: to work 16 hours per week."

        — Ely Bakouche, Creative Entrepreneur

        "Monisha is amazing, for me she is a business optometrist. 

        You come to her with a blurry vision of what you should do about your business and she provides you with the perfect diagnosis and treatment and suddenly your vision is fixed and you end up with a powerful strategy to put that in motion."

        — Gwenaelle Lequeux, Founder

        "I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there. Monisha was able to see all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them together in a cohesive and approachable way. 

        I now have a clear direction and path to follow to make my goals happen."

        — Morgaine Trine, Founder, Honestly Bookkeeping

        “I was overwhelmed and unsure of how to develop my fast-growing business so as to keep it wholly in line with my values and achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

        After working with Monisha, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. 

        She brings joy to business development and a clear-headed, grounded approach that has been truly game-changing for me.”

        — Marie-Anne Chaloupecky, Founder, Ways of Words

        "Working with Monisha is always a pleasure from start to finish. 

        Not to mention the strategic mind and thoughtful approach she brings to ensure each project meets its intended goal effectively.”

        — Jonathan Sweet, Column Five Media

        "[Monisha's] sharp, processes information lightning fast, knows exactly what she's talking about, and guided our workshops in an incredibly productive and fun way. 

        Not only that but she's super approachable, professional, and genuine, with a wealth of well-rounded experience in a variety of business practices."

        — Nancy Hagan, Founder