What is the Thoughtful Givers’ Membership?

It is an innovative and timely community where you learn to find, buy, or create meaningful and appropriate gifts for customers and loved ones by learning  how to comfortably research recipient preferences and by discussing monthly gifting ideas.

We discuss why we gift, when we gift, and what we gift. Do you know how gifting started?  Do you keep track of birthdays and other gifting occasions for your customers or your friends? Do you have a good idea of what your recipients would treasure? Are you confident in finding or making, simple homemade gifts or tokens? We all start somewhere.

When a gift results in the recipient feeling heard and noticed, the value of the gesture increases. When a customer or loved one feels appreciated, it results in joy, loyalty, testimonies, and referrals. When the appreciation purposefully reflects the recipient's interests, it means even more. Are you ready to learn more about being a Thoughtful Giver? Begin the journey by Liking the Facebook Page, joining the free FB group, or enrolling in the membership.

Enrollment to the Thoughtful Givers' Membership opens four times a year. This staggered start offers each new group the opportunity to meet each other and be introduced to how the membership works.

The Thoughtful Givers’ Membership brings the business owner/person who wants to confidently give appreciative gifts, to being an intentional, organized and inspired giver who finds, buys, or creates simple, but thoughtful gifts customers/loved ones truly appreciate.

While some people look for silver linings, there are others who seek to provide them. There are many reasons people give gifts, but it is more meaningful if the focus is on the recipient and not the occasion. Gifting intentionally does not need a specific occasion. It can occur to give a thank you to a valued customer, a congrats for a retirement, or simply to brighten someone's day, 

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life with a smile from a great gift? Do you want your customers to really feel your appreciation? Do you want to grow as a kindhearted person with purpose?

Join this intentional community to receive inspiration, interact with the mentor, and learn better ways to value customers and loved ones. This membership community is hosted in a private Facebook group that only opens for enrollment  4 times a year. This affords new members the focused ability to learn about the membership specifics and to be welcomed into the community.

What is a Founding Member?

The Thoughtful Givers’ Membership is a brand new idea for a community of like-minded people who aim to pay better attention to their customers and loved ones by showing them personalized  appreciation.  Founding Members are part of an exclusive opportunity to establish the membership community and provide feedback to ensure it is a successful venture with many positive outcomes for givers, receivers and the world. 

Exclusive Benefits Include:

`being mentioned/hi-lighted in the Basic Guide to Being a Thoughtful Giver

`sneak peeks into the formation of the membership with your valuable inputs

`a locked in membership fee that will never increase

`a Welcome Packet snail-mailed to you

Your Membership Success Path

(Detailed path to be shared.)

How to go from wanting to understand appropriate gift giving to always knowing how to successfully show personalized appreciation to others. 

Giver + Receiver Testimonies

Two Ideas From One Project

"I wanted to be able to show my gratitude to an amazing group of people. Hurley shared a DIY craft idea with me that I could create as a personalized Thank You gift. I don’t normally make crafts, but she showed me how to make it with simple instructions. My Oncology Check-In desk loved it!
I realized I could make a different version of the same craft for a friend who purchased a new home. I did not have to learn a new project, but could alter it to fit the different situation/person because of how she taught me to personalize gifts based on the recipient.
I look forward to learning more about gifting with a purpose and how to vary a project to be appropriate for different people. Learning one project a month will give me 12 easy, personalizable ideas a year. "

* * * * *

Elaine Wellborn, Client

PTA Gifts to New 6th Graders

"Having this welcome 6th Grade Survival gift package from the PTA, has eased Bryan’s nervousness of starting his first year of middle school. The motivated and kind words on the card, the camaraderie of his
class by having the same shirts, and having the agenda to remain focus during school eased Bryan. It also made him feel valued as a student, and he was definitely excited to read through the little gifts! More importantly, seeing others and new classmates on FB with the shirts, made him feel better about school!"

* * * * *

~Bryan’s mom, Ada

What happens in the membership?

Discussions on why we gift, when we gift, and what we gift

Share stories of recipient reactions

Weekly discussions covering different "giver categories" (Ex. service industry, education, non-profit organizations, strangers,  family, friends, etc.)

Various Q&A Threads and Live Q+A Sessions

Consumables created from group discussions

Monthly gift tutorial lessons with instructions available via Facebook Live (interactive), Video, Photos, and Text

Each monthly project (12 a year) is an idea, gift or home decor that can be personalized for different recipients

Suggestion threads/polls to help determine future projects

How is the membership organized?

Welcome Video

Start Here Post

What's Next Post (weekly updates)

Outline of Progress Path (Success Path)

A consistent monthly schedule of activities on FREE Google Calendar

Units/key words to aid members in searches

FB Units to store like information

Files used to store all available templates.

FB Events for dedicated discussions and future access

Specific gift supply lists available one month before each quarter. (3 items)

60-90 minutes MAX of interaction a week


Easy access to hostess/ME 

What is in the template starter pack?

Recipient Data Log

Recipient Interest Survey-1

Perpetual Calendar of Events 

First Monthly Calendar of Events 

The opportunity to provide feedback and insight is available through the


The Thoughtful Givers Membership Founding Member enrollment ends 

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The Thoughtful Givers Membership is a community of like-minded people learning to find, buy, or create meaningful and appropriate gifts for customers and loved ones.

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