(While the TG Membership is in a draft stage, the Thoughtful Givers FB Page is Live for you to check out.)

Are You a Thoughtful Giver?

Are there helpful things you do daily, weekly, monthly without thinking? Do you look for silver linings, show concern for others, or look for opportunities to spread kindness? Would you like to join a like-minded community of women to make the world a better place by learning how to organize intentional acts of kindness events and programs?

While some people look for silver linings, there are others who seek to CREATE silver linings. A thoughtful giver is someone who has the people around her in mind. She wants to intentionally make others happy by organizing acts of kindness. She understands that a smile or a compliment can make a positive impact on others, but bigger actions like organizing a tutoring program or hosting a neighborhood social event impacts people even more. 

A thoughtful giver sees two different categories of kindness... random and intentional.  Acts can be very simple or take a lot of planning, and they can have a small or large impact. While impacts can not be accurately measured, it is important to understand that while you may be one person in the world, to one person, you may be the world. A kind act can leave a very lasting impression.

Random acts of kindness include holding the elevator door open, paying for a stranger's coffee, or leaving a complimentary note somewhere. They happen when a certain situation arises, and you react with a kind gesture.  Intentional acts of kindness include organizing a food drive, volunteering at a nursing home, or hosting a book club. These take more pre-planning and organization, and you create the situation for kindness .

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to learn how to be a kindhearted person who creates thoughtful actions? Are you ready to learn about becoming a Thoughtful Giver and go from someone who sees silver linings to someone who creates them? Join this intentional community to share/receive inspiration, interact with like-minded members, and learn concrete ways to spread kindness thought events and programs. 

What is a Thoughtful Givers’ Membership?

It is a community of kind women who want to organize thoughtful programs and events to impact their communities through community service and social interactions, but need guidance and support to implement them. They want to make the world a better place with intentional acts of kindness. The membership takes kind-hearted women and transforms them into intentional organizers who knows how to take ideas and put them into action.

This membership community is hosted in a private website that only opens for enrollment 4 times a year. Staggered enrollments afford you the focused ability to learn about the membership specifics and to be welcomed into the community. Outside of the membership, you can read about members' successful events and philanthropic ideas by following the Thoughtful Givers FB page. Be notified as soon as we open future membership enrollments.

Your Membership Success Path

"How to go from finding the silver lining to creating the silver lining."     ~hurley thurston

What happens in the membership?

Monthly activities available will include:

  • Learning how to organize and implement Intentional Acts of Kindness through discussions, video lessons and worksheets
  • Sharing and celebrating stories of benefactor reactions to your acts of kindness
  • 5 Minute Kindness Challenges
  • Highlighting appropriate National (something) Days 
  • 2 PDF Card ideas
  • Guest speakers to share their project ventures
  • Silver Lining examples
  • Brainstorming Sessions

How is the membership organized?

Welcome Video +  Start Here Post

Weekly Calendar Updates

Outline of the Thoughtful Givers Membership's 0-3 stage progress path 

Two scheduled posts a week

Units/key words to aid members in searches

Files section to access templates and other documents 


Easy access to hostess/me 

Success Celebrations

Be notified as soon as we open future membership enrollments. Outside of the membership, you will see many success stories of thoughtful programs on the Thoughtful Givers FB page.

What is a Founding Member?

The Thoughtful Givers’ Membership is a brand new idea for a community of similar-minded people who aim to increase thoughtfulness and kindness in the world. Founding Members will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first members to help ESTABLISH the membership community and provide feedback to ensure it is a successful venture with many positive outcomes. 

Exclusive Benefits Include:

`get mentioned/highlighted in the Basic Guide to Being a Thoughtful Giver

`providing valuable input into the formation of the membership

`a locked-in membership rate that will never increase

`a Welcome Packet snail-mailed to you

The opportunity to provide feedback and insight in developing the Thoughtful Givers Membership is available through the upcoming


The Thoughtful Givers Membership Founding Member enrollment is TBD. Sign up for an open enrollment notification below. 

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Membership Wait List

Be notified as soon as we open membership enrollments.

Do You Want to Make the World a Better Place?

The Thoughtful Givers Membership is a community of like-minded people wanting to make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

While you wait, the Thoughtful Givers Facebook Page is currently Live. Follow it, and see what the buzz is about. It will make you smile.