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Hi! I'm Julia. I help single mothers navigate and adjust to the reality of raising kids alone, and to overcome and grow through all its associated struggles by providing strategies, tools, and most of all community so you are supported as you learn to THRIVE and feel empowered, at peace, organised, motivated, balanced, confident, and happy.

Grow, thrive and become the best version of yourself AND join an amazing supportive community of like-minded women.

With Julia Hasche,

founder of

Single Mother Survival Guide

    • Feel a part of a community of like-minded single mums that understand.
    • Learn strategies that will cumulatively help you thrive in life, and become happier, stronger, and more confident.
    • Step-by-step help and support to get you from where you are now to where you want to be (i.e - along your path to thrive and be empowered).
    • Core content designed to help move you along the path through ACTION. 
    • Four pieces of additional monthly content (such as resources, training, guest speakers, masterclasses, workshops, group Zoom chats, and FB live sessions where you can ask all your questions) are going to help you along the way too.
    • Surprise bonuses!

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