Thriving Leaders

A 12-week Group Programme for Purpose-led Women

  • Are you passionate about making a difference through your work?
  • Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ all the time and giving your energy and time to everyone but yourself?
  • Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed a lot of the time?
  • Are you ambitious for yourself but can’t see how you can possibly take on more responsibility?
  • Do you feel pulled in multiple directions, juggling multiple responsibilities, and often feel like you are drowning?
  • Are you ready to make a change?

Through the 12-week programme you will:

  • Understand what is getting in the way of you being able to truly thrive
  • Reconnect with yourself and tune in to your inner wisdom
  • Rediscover your energy and drive
  • Discover a new approach to leadership aligned with your strengths that will enable you to deliver with a sense of ease
  • Achieve clarity and focus that will allow you to prioritise your energy and time
  • Reconnect with what is important to you
  • Be introduced to powerful tools that will support you through and beyond the programme to maintain a thriving life and career
  • Be deeply supported through the programme to enable meaningful transformation
  • Connect with a group of brilliant, like-minded women

What we will cover

Course outline

Week 1 

Awareness: Why am I stuck in survival mode?

In this module we will explore the cultural and personal paradigm that can contribute to a life of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

We will explore an alternative approach, set intentions for the programme and look in to our personal values.

Week 2 

Awareness: Understanding how we can make personal change

In this module we will focus on how we can bring conscious awareness to our current situation and what might be driving us so that we can start to make changes.

Week 3 

Q&A/Coaching week

An opportunity to explore the content so far in more depth, ask questions, bring issues for laser coaching and reflect on what you have learnt so far

Week 4 

Pillar 1: Self

The first and essential pillar of thriving leadership. This session will focus on how we can access the energy we need in order to thrive. You will create an energy plan to transform your energy levels.

Week 5 

Pillar 1: Self

Further exploration of Pillar 1. This session will focus on how we can celebrate ourselves and access fun and play in order the thrive. In connecting with your courageous self you will learn how to bring lightness and fun as well as pride in to your life and work.

Week 6 

Q&A/Coaching week

An opportunity to explore the content so far in more depth, ask questions, bring issues for laser coaching and reflect on what you have learnt so far

Week 7

Pillar 2: Boundaries

This module will focus on the second pillar of thriving leadership. 

We will explore who or what is currently the focus of your attention and energy and what might need to change. 

You will come away with a clear understanding what where you need to strengthen or set boundaries.

Week 8

Pillar 2: Boundaries

In this module we will take a deep dive look at the boundaries you need to set and the energy you need to bring to boundary conversations. 

You will go away with a clear strategy and plan for setting or resetting the boundaries you identified in week 7.

Week 9

Q&A/Coaching week

An opportunity to explore the content so far in more depth, ask questions, bring issues for laser coaching and reflect on what you have learnt so far

Week 10

Pillar 3: Connection

Understanding the different types of connection we need in order to truly thrive. In this session you will understand where you need to strengthen connections and make a plan for developing those connections.

Week 11

Pillar 4: Vision

Bringing everything together you will experience a powerful process of setting a meaningful vision for the future and get clarity on the steps you will need to take to move towards that vision.

Week 12

Q&A/Coaching week

An opportunity to explore the content so far in more depth, ask questions, bring issues for laser coaching and reflect on what you have learnt so far. 

This session will include commitments for next steps and onward integration.

Together we thrive

Connection is a core pillar of thriving leadership and central to this programme.  As a member of the Thriving Leaders programme you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow participants both on the group calls and in a dedicated private Facebook group.  

This connection and peer support will help you grow a network of like-minded, inspiring brilliant women.  You will share and support one another through your journey towards thriving leadership and the connections you make will last well beyond the duration of the programme. 

Your questions answered

What is the time commitment?

You will need to commit to 1 x 60 minute call a week for 12 weeks.  On top of this there will be short integration exercises to do between sessions.  You should plan for a minimum of 2 hours per week to focus on the programme. 

What if I can't make a session?

You'll get the most from the programme if you attend the sessions in person but all sessions are recorded and will be uploaded as soon after the session as possible so you won't miss out on any content.

Who is this course for?

This course is for women who are fed up of feeling over-stretched, over-worked and often over-looked.  It is for women who want to make a difference through their work - this may be in the charity sector but that is not a pre-requisite for the course.  You are passionate, driven and ambitious and are no longer prepared to put yourself last.

I don't work in the charity sector, can I still take part?


Can I pay by invoice?

Yes.  If your employer is paying for your place, email and I'll raise an invoice.  This will need to be paid by week 3 of the course.

Can I spread the payments?

Yes.  You can split the cost of the programme in to three installments.  See the Investment section below for more details

If you still have questions, let's jump on a call and talk it through.

Caroline's Story

Not so long ago I was exhausted, overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout. I was working endlessly and felt like nothing was ever enough. I was driven by everyone else’s priorities and mine were nowhere to be seen.

If I wasn’t at work, I was on my phone replying to emails. If I wasn’t replying to emails, I was stuck in my head thinking about what needed to be done the next day, that conversation I needed to have, that conversation that had gone badly.

I felt guilt for not being present for my kids. I felt guilt for not being able to solve all of the problems I was faced with at work. I felt not good enough on any front.

Then one day, sitting poolside waiting for my kids swimming lessons to start my then five-year-old daughter handed me a truth bomb. She looked me dead in the eye and said “Sometimes people are sad.”

I was shell-shocked. “I’m not sad darling. I’m just really tired.” She toddled off to her lesson and I was left facing the truth. I was really unhappy.

I knew in that moment that something had to change. This was not the life I wanted to live. This was not the role model I wanted to be for my daughters.

It started with focussing on me. Then on my work. Then on my dreams.

My life now is unrecognisable from that time a few years ago. What I have learnt since has developed within me a deep passion to support other purpose-led women; women who care deeply and give generously – to be able to make their difference in the world and thrive. Because if we are exhausted, deplete and unhappy we cannot have the impact we dream of having. And making a difference in the world doesn’t need to come at this huge cost.

I have collated what I have learnt in to four key pillars that support a thriving life and career. Through this course you can learn how to implement these tools and lessons in to your own life. Join me and together we can make our difference and thrive.

With over 15 years’ experience of charity leadership I have a deep understanding of what it takes to lead in the sector. I understand how hard it can be to switch off from a job and organisation that is doing important work in the world. Life changing work. And as a certified One of Many women’s leadership coach I have the tools and skillset to support you to thrive in this demanding and rewarding environment.

Working with Caroline

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The next cohort of Thriving Leaders will run in Autumn 2021