About the Artist

Tonia Colleen Martin

Tonia Colleen Martin is a storyteller and a narrative painter. She began painting in earnest during a study abroad in Paris. She describes her experience as “a terrifying foray into freedom.” She had never been out of the country. She’d planned to attend classes during the day and hole up in her room at night to finish a novel. Suddenly words seemed inept and scarce. Instead, she discovered a halting fluency in watercolor painting.

Tonia  earned her MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is a former William Jessup University adjunct professor. Under the umbrella of Mining With a Feather, she teaches generative and contemplative writing workshops. She is an affiliate of Amherst Writers and Artists. She has been published in SARTS: SOCIETY FOR THE ARTS IN RELIGIOUS AND THEOLOGICAL STUDIESMetonym Literary JournalThe Chrysalis ReaderRuminate Magazine.