Not enough time?

5-Day Time/Energy Clarity Challenge

When you don't know where your time goes, it's easy to get distracted. Or, you feel frustrated and upset because you felt busy all day but didn't actually get anything done. 

Ever wonder why that is?

In this 5-Day Challenge, you'll do time and energy tracking.

This will help you visually see where your time and energy go and why, so you can get a better idea of time wasters and what you want to do more of.

Tracking your time and energy gives you the clarity to make better decisions in your life and business for work-life alignment.

It's important to know where your time goes because tasks may take more time or less time than you think. More distractions may occur. Or you may forget to get up and eat something.

It's just as important to track your energy too.

Some activities and tasks take more mental or physical energy than others. I believe it's important to make sure you get enough sleep, rest as needed, have more fun, AND build a business you love.

P.S. Know any fellow action-taking Solo Coaches or Consultants who could do this with you? Share this with them so they can do it together!