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I get it. I have been in your shoes.

Hi there! I'm Ngozi!

When I became a mother nineteen years ago, I struggled too. Just like you, I had no idea how to manage my time. I was an 'Adhoc' kinda mother!

I was a young wife, juggling raising three young children, taking care of our house, all while studying full-time, or working full-time, or both at the same time at times!

I would spend years studying, working, and raising my children, to realize at the end of the day, I still didn't feel fulfilled.

I jumped from course to course, and from one employment to another, seeking to earn more than just enough money to survive, whilst also yearning for more time to spend with my children.

I had no concept of time-management and self-care. I was missing out on my life. I was missing out on watching my children grow up.

Eventually, after years of being miserable and feeling stressed, I had a nervous breakdown.

I knew then that I needed to make changes in my life to improve my mental and physical health, as well as my family life.

I started reciting affirmations, practising tips learnt in personal development and spiritual literature, and I became more mindful of how I spent my time.

Rather than running from 'pillar to post' seeking happiness, I realised that the change I desired is within me.

I found focus. I began to take better care of myself. My kids found a kind and more joyful mum than they had been used to.

I am now worrying less and achieving more.

This free printable will help you begin to make some mental shifts, that will help you allocate your time, and get things done.

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