Thank you for your interest in painting with me!

I appreciate your support and would love to share my love of painting with you.

I've had a number of inquiries asking for more classes and tutorials.

In response I've decided to open my memberships to those 

that have signed up for the classes.

I offer two memberships and you can choose the one that works for your schedule.

I usually only open twice a year but you are very welcome to

jump in now to either membership!

Tinker's A la Carte Art Club

  •  Great for those that want to dip their toes into painting in acrylics. 
  • At $12.00 a month it's affordable and a great way to start your artistic journey.
  • Each month you will receive an easy to follow step by step tutorial including image, tracer if needed, and color palette.
  • Paint at your own pace. You can rewatch, stop and start, and paint along anytime.Perfect for absolute beginners or accomplished painters alike.
  • No can cancel anytime.
  • If you find you want more art in your life you can easily upgrade to my Tinker's Cartist membership There you will find 4 painting sessions a month, a private community, and individualized attention.
  • The A la carte club is the place if you want very affordable access to a new original painting each month.

I'm inviting you to


ONLY $24


  • Immediate access to a large library of step-by-step painting tutorials, supply lists and tracers. Over 50 paintings and 20 short tutorials in the library.
  • As a current member you can use my original designs to paint and sell and/or to teach in your in person classes and paint parties.
  • Two full length recorded classes each month.
  • We will also meet twice live per month for one class and one tutorial with a Q&A.
  • All content accessible online and is also e-mailed.
  • Guidance when you are feeling overwhelmed. I am active in the community to answer questions and offer support.
  • No obligation- you can cancel any time.

I gently guide beginner painters to become proficient acrylic artists. Through easy to follow step by step instructions you will progress from absolute beginner to an assured and confident artist. All while being embraced by a creative and nurturing community.

I also serve the busy paint party artist by providing original art, tracers, and a step by step video they can follow to teach their own students.

                                  You will get immediate access to all these paintings and more!

Meet Maryann one of our Fabulous Cartist members

Members get unlimited access to all content. Videos and tutorials are all recorded and available to view anytime. You are welcome to interact live or view the lessons later at your own pace.

Our Membership is very reasonable. The monthly cost is less than one in person paint night. There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime. But why would you want's great value and you can't put a price on your creative health.

You will receive lots of one on one attention. I am accessible and available to offer individual help. I monitor the group daily to make sure your artistic journey progresses  seamlessly.