Cartist Membership is open! 

Hi Guys!

   We've just opened the membership!

I'm thrilled with the direction the group is going and appreciate all the fantastic feedback I have received from my members. We are well underway after opening back in May. The membership was closed to polish and develop. 

     We are now ready to welcome more members and I'm thrilled! If this sounds like the sort of art adventure you'd like to embark on don't hesitate. There is no obligation and I promise you I will make it a positive and educational experience.

I am offering the membership for the low monthly price of $22.00. Pretty much the price of a weekly cup of coffee. Isn't your artistic well being worth it?

You can try the membership out without any commitment. You can cancel at any time with no hard feelings :-) This price is locked in for you for the lifetime of your membership. Membership is open for 7 days and closes on the 5th of October.

Happy Painting!


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Members get unlimited access to all content. Videos and tutorials are all recorded and available to view anytime. You are welcome to interact live or view the lessons later at your own pace.

Our Membership is very reasonable. The monthly cost is less than one in person paint night. There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime. But why would you want's great value and you can't put a price on your creative health.

You will receive lots of one on one attention. I am accessible and available to offer individual help. I monitor the group daily to make sure your artistic journey progresses  seamlessly.