An image overlay crochet easter minicourse

Easter CAL


The spring has come to the northern hemisphere and the Easter is coming:

  • Enjo this time with tranquility and creative relaxation.
  • Enjoy your here and now with your hook and yarn (and maybe some coffee and chockolate as well) and get some rest from everyday worries. 
  • Bring joy of the work well done into your  practical easter decorations.

Simple squares and circles are not a challenge anymore?

Do you want a change in your crocheting?

Then come and have a try at Image overlay crochet as well as at hexagon as a basic shape.

Are you a crochet begginer and are you looking for some support?

Does your head buzz from all the charts and abbreviations and stitches and you end up not knowing what exactly to do next?

DO you want to have a chance to ask all the questions you need?

What lies ahead of us:

Clear and precise pattern

Clear and precise charts

My support during the CAL

Photo tutorials 

Video tutorials

We beggin on April the 4th in a closed facebook group in which will be open from the 3rf of April for some learning and repeating of the crochet basics for those who need it. That's why I am positive the course will be also good for beginners  with not much of an experience.

I am a tectile designer and artisan with easr of experience in hand weaving and crocheting.
Threads are woven into my liife ever sice I was a child and I create under the brand of Tkanee

I make babywearing wraps, plaids, blakets, capes, cowls, hats, jumers ...

I have been weaving since 2013 and I crochet as long as I can remember. I have falle for the original and wonderfull Image overlay crochet technique and these two past years I have been working with Petra from Blacksheep crochet on developing it and bringing it to the wider audience. 

I'm looking forward to see you.
Sincerely yours

Veronika Gadulová