The Truth About NLP Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching

Are NLP and Professional Coaching Enemies?

Are they contradictory models?

Is one more ethical or demanding of your integrity than the other?

Is NLP better than Coaching, or is Coaching better than NLP?

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The Truth About NLP Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching

October 23, 2019

12:00pm - 12:45pm PST

In this 45 minute webinar, I will clear up the differences and similarities between traditional coaching models and behavioral change models.  I’ll help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of both.  And I’ll show you how to assess what might work the best for you to grow your career and fill your desire to make this world a better place – one person at a time.

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About the Host

Ragini Michaels

Ragini has run a successful private practice, by referral ONLY, since 1979. She specializes in a unique combination of coaching, education, and accelerated behavioral change. She claims this is the reason getting return clients and fabulous referrals remains effortless and lucrative.

When appropriate, she is happy to share the depth of her on-going personal exploration of spiritual living. She is well versed in meditation, contemplation, and the Enneagram, as well as experiencing ashram living, and life with a guru.

Her love of mindfulness, and commitment to nurturing presence, authenticity, and compassion, continue to influence her personal life and professional development.

Ragini has over 4 decades of experience helping those in struggle & confusion as they journey through the processes of personal transformation, spiritual inquiry, and conscious awakening. AND the same length of time teaching and training others around the globe in the skills of coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis.

Ragini Michaels

"It’s a great gift to be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods." ~Anonymous

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Jean Hamilton

Founder/Principle of Speaking Results

“I had the pleasure of studying Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with Ragini Michaels. She is truly a master of her craft. Ragini shares a wealth of information, while also making her classes fun. My work with Ragini has been life-changing and I will forever be thankful for her guidance. If you are considering studying with Ragini, by all means, do it!”

Neelamber Amrit

“I studied with the all famous Ragini Elizabeth Michaels in Mallorca, and became a certified NLP Master Practitioner as well as receiving her certification in Hypnosis. The weather was very bad. BUT … Ragini was just amazing. Best NLP teacher ever; even better than the founder, Mr. Richard Bandler.”

Tom Dearth

Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“I loved the integrated approach! All the pieces just fit together. Super organized with easy to follow demonstrations. Ragini is a great teacher. Patient, fun, & a consistent display of rapport skills and flexibility. A high rating for credibility!”

Teresa Dahl

Coach & Senior Microsoft Recruiter, Washington

“I highly recommend Ragini’s NLP training. It is a course offering far more than any comparable NLP program. Masterful, elegant delivery of NLP and Ericksonian style hypnosis. This course gave me the elegant distinctions in NLP that I wanted.”