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Toxic Money Wounds Workshop

Reprogram your mind, remove limiting beliefs and learn the strategies to become financially abundant, e
ven if you’ve had a terrible relationship with money in the past!

Learn how your 'Money Story' is playing out on a daily basis.

Discover what's been holding you back from earning and receiving more.

Understand my 'Toxic Money Wounds Cycle' model, the differences around money programming, beliefs, trauma and wounds. 

Finally learn how to heal the scars of previous financial issues you’ve had with yourself and/or a previous or current partner.

Learn why your Toxic Money Wounds are blocking you from paying off debt, controlling your spending, managing your money, earning more and saving more.

Utilize EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping - a unique and scientifically proven way of treating the core issue which changes behavior quickly, even instantly.

So what exactly are 'Toxic Money Wounds'?

Have you ever had to fight or fall out with someone over money, what you should/should not be spending it on, a will or inheritance, been denied a promotion or refused a pay rise? 

Have you ever hired a coach and not got what you felt you were promised?  Are you tired of the endless promises all the 'Guru's' make, only to feel let down or that it's your own fault because you're simply not good enough? 

If you've ever been done out of money or had conditions attached to money you have received, chances are you'll have 'Toxic Money Wounds.' 

Toxic Money Wounds run especially deep if you've been through a divorce or separation with someone you lived or shared finances with. 

Even the most amicable of separations often involve some form of conflict over dividing assets, property or actual money. Fighting over settlements and child or spousal maintenance is the biggest one! If this is you, then this workshop is essential viewing. 

Toxic Money Wounds can REALLY hold you back in life, keep you bitter and twisted and/or have more subtle effects on you and how you deal with and feel about money, even unconsciously.  It will effect your trust levels and future, sometimes current relationships even if you don't realise it. 

We'll be exploring and explaining this more in the workshop.  I'm an expert on giving you clarity and of course clearing Toxic Money Wounds!

You'll also come away understanding any blocks you have around the other four different types of money, and more importantly, HOW TO CLEAR THEM! 

Notice how you feel when you say out loud the four types of money below.

What does that voice inside your head say?  How does your body react?  Do you feel nervous or butterflies? Do you feel emotions or physical sensations that remind you of sadness, loss or regret? 

1) Income

2) Income Goals

) Debt

4) Savings

Money impacts your life in a HUGE way whether you like or want it to or not!' 😓

I am here to re-write the 'it's not enough/I'm not good enough' voice in your head and create a new way of programming the mind and body around your money wounds and money stories.

By getting crystal clear on what your blocks are then by having a road map to work through and clear them, you'll reach a place of peace and acceptance, empowerment, strength and positive action to improve not just your money STORY but your ACTUAL money situation too! 

You'll even get a short workbook that you can keep so you can continue to heal and address the issues you uncover in this workshop. 

SPECIAL BONUS: If you're suffering from Money Trauma following a breakup or divorce, regardless of how long ago or current that may be, you'll receive a special invite to an additional free workshop to help with this.  


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