Ready to be Rid of Toy Clutter?

What if I told you it was possible to be completely purged of toys in just two days or less?

Ready to be free from the overwhelming toy clutter right now - in two days or less - but don't even know where to start?

Toy Taming Taskforce is an easy to implement,  step-by-step guide to getting your toy clutter under control immediately - right now - in 2 days or less.

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Toy Taming Taskforce has been six years in the making

But its only going to take you 2 days to implement!

-By pulling from my own experience of being consumed in toys...

-Knowing things could be simpler but not knowing where to start…

-By putting hours of research into child development, learning and teaching methods, case studies, scientific journals, and seeking advice from medical professionals...

I created an environment that is happy, healthy & clutter-free for my children, myself, and our home

Ready to get back to basics, get your home under control and finally have a place where everyone is happy, healthy and comfortable?

(Duh, of course you are)

Get Toy Taming Taskforce Today

So why did I create Toy Taming Taskforce now?

Hi,  I'm Zhade

A stay at home mom to three incredibly wonderful yet rambunctious little girls. 

After a tumultuous introduction to motherhood which included a critical health diagnosis and subsequent treatment of my firstborn, I decided to quickly pop out a few more children. 

Between being a ball of anxiety, living hours from our family and friends, having a husband who traveled for work up to five days a week, saying I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

The process behind creating Toy Taming Taskforce was my journey to sanity. To peace. To simplicity. And to finally figuring out that motherhood doesn't have to be as overwhelming as we make it.

With so much transition and uncertainty in the world these days, most of us are finding ourselves and our children stuck at home by either choice or force. 

Combined with the trauma of just trying to survive through this pandemic we are also overwhelmed with trying to maintain a new life that we really weren't ready for.

So I asked myself...

What is the hands down most helpful thing a mother can do for herself and her kids to keep everyone happy, healthy and occupied?

And how can I give them some relief from the overwhelm they are feeling?


Right now.

Not next year, or when everything gets back to “normal” (whatever that means)

But right now.

Right now as in two days your life can be completely different

The system I use in Toy Taming Taskforce is one that I have used and perfected over the last 6 years. It is the system that helped me keep my sanity, and maintain a happy, clutter-free, peaceful home when everything else was falling apart.

It's the same system that I'm teaching to you.

Get ready to join the stressed-less mommy club.

(stressed-less because stress-free and motherhood will literally never ever go together)

Toy Taming Taskforce is a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step program on going from clutter to clutter-free

Did I mention you can do this in two days or less?

Toy Taming Taskforce gives you an exact attack plan so there's no need to even think -before you start or after you finish

So how does this help you?

Toy Taming Taskforce is a system that works for anyone, in any toy overwhelm situation. From those who have never decluttered, those that are dipping their toe into “minimizing, to those who just want a better system to the decluttering they already do.

The best part is you don't have to think about where to start, what you might need, or how to actually DO any of the steps because it's already spelled out for you.

Did I mention you can be living with a minimal collection of toys in just 2 days or less?!?


Toy Taming Taskforce

I'm going back to my days of being an overwhelmed mom, who couldn't keep up with her housework and never had time to actually BE with her kids.

I'm going back to a time when I thought life just had to be this stressful, hectic, and crazy because that's just how it is with young kids.

I'm going to teach you how to get out of that mindset and let go of the physical baggage a mountain of toys can bring to your life.

Because you deserve to live in a peaceful, calm, clutter-free home.

You deserve to spend more time with your kids and less time cleaning up after them.

Childhood only happens once and I don't want you to miss another minute of it because of something that Toy Taming Taskforce can help you change.

And that change can start today!


How to talk to your kids and get them involved in the process (if they are at an appropriate age). If you have super young kiddos I provide resources on keeping them occupied while you are working.

How to talk to the naysayers and gift-givers. The Attacking Objections Course includes talking points and FACTS you can provide to anyone who wants to question your decision. I've totally got your back!

Don't think I've forgotten about you! Locked and Loaded will give you all the motivation and encouragement you need to get started, keep yourself going, and get this thing done!

How to use Operation Toy Purge to get your freaking life back! I’ve got you covered with supply lists, step-by-step instructions, and the exact toys you should be tossing and keeping. Operation Toy Purge makes it so easy to get everything GONE once the purging is done too.

The Campaign Progress Tracker will keep you on track and motivated to finish quickly. If you like a good checklist this one is for you!

How to use existing storage solutions or find new ones to accommodate your newfound freedom from the toy hoard. The BONUS Storage Solutions details the solutions I've found to work the best and I paint a picture of exactly what the Storage Solutions system looks like in my own home.

You don't need tons of time to do this! You don't need to preplan or even get yourself motivated

The whole purpose of Toy Taming Taskforce is to just get it DONE. to get your life back RIGHT NOW

Who is Toy Taming Taskforce for?

Overwhelmed Mamas

Mamas who wake up tired every day and go to bed exhausted every night. Mamas who are so over all the mess that's created in their homes day after day. Mamas who have a burning desire to actually have more time to enjoy their lives and their kids

But you can have that time, you can have that internal peace, and you can actually enjoy this brief period of childhood before it's gone.

Clutter Bug Mamas

Mamas who just seem to accumulate stuff. You honestly aren't even sure where these toys come from or how they ended up here. You can't remember a time when your house wasn't out of control but you would desperately love to have room to move and never step on a lego at midnight again!

But you can get the accumulation under control. The Toy Taming Taskforce actually helps you reverse the process and gets all the toys back out - and fast!

Sentimental Hoarding Mamas

Mamas who just can't seem to let things go. You keep everything your child has ever used and even the things they didn't use. You can't bear the thought of getting rid of these tiny pieces of their childhood

But you can let it go. Attacking Objections helps you create new mindsets and attitudes towards “things”. You can learn to let these items go and not feel like you are ripping your heart out.

But Wait!?

What if my baby isn't even here yet?

If you are finding yourself already overwhelmed with all the gear, accessories, and things that come along with babies Toy Taming Taskforce still works for you. In fact, lucky you, you get all these tools BEFORE it becomes a serious problem.

The Toy Taming Taskforce gives you a firm foundation on how to start motherhood in a simplistic way. You don't want to come home with your little bundle of joy and walk right into an overwhelmed environment. 

We've got you covered on how to decide what's important, how to stop the over--purchasers and over-gifters in your life before they even get started. The Storage Solutions Bonus also helps you figure out storage solutions that will work for you and your space from the beginning!

What you Get with Toy Taming Taskforce

The Attacking Objections Course to Effectively Overcome Objections from people in your life who might not understand what you are trying to go

Overcoming Mom guilt helps you get over those completely unnecessary feelings and be at peace with your decisions
both from yourself and others

Engaging with your Target  Course gives a conversation started for including your children in the process OR ideas on how to keep the younger kiddos occupied.

Operation Toy Purge Course takes the guesswork out of controlling your toy situation extremely quick without even having to think about it

The Campaign Progress Tracker is a visual guide keep yourself on track

When you are feeling overwhelmed with the process the Locked and Loaded Guide will help you reign it in and get back on track

Bonus Storage Solution's guide to walk you through finding the Perfect storage solutions work for you in your space. A sneak peek at what Toy Taming Taskforce actually looks like in reality.

What? Are you sure?

All that for $27?

Yes! Toy Taming Taskforce is worth twice as much as the price you are getting today!

However my goal is to help you today, not tomorrow! The $27 price is a no-brainer when you look at the incredible impact having fewer toys in your home will have on your life.

I don't want you to wait until your children move out before finding peace in your own home again, I want you to have that peace TODAY.

Mothers should be able to ENJOY these days, not be overwhelmed, just trying to survive the day and counting down the min to bedtime. What kind of life is that? 

No one should be missing out on the joys of motherhood because they are being bogged down by toys.

It's just nonsensical, especially when Toy Taming Taskforce can change your life right now

When you say Toy Taming Taskforce do you mean

physical products?

Heck no, we are trying to get things OUT of your home not bring things in!

Toy Taking Taskforce is a DIGITAL collection of courses, guides, and checklists that you get immediate access to.

Absolutely no reason to keep you from getting started today!

Remember, we want a quick solution NOW, not next week, next month, or (gasp) never. Digital delivery right to your inbox immediately after purchase makes that happen.

This isn't about getting your whole life decluttered or solving every overwhelming space in your home. Nah, we can deal with that later. 

This is about getting a quick win in one of the most used, most cluttered room or rooms in your house.

I want you to get a little breathing room in the least amount of time which is why Toy Taming Taskforce works

But even if I get my toy situation under control, Grandma is just going to bring more toys back in and the problem will start all over again!

Yea, no. Grandma needs to get herself under control and Attacking Objections tells you EXACTLY how to do that, without completely killing any relationships.

Even if your Grandma is completely unreasonable we've got all the solutions to deal with her and all her “gifts of love”

Even though my household is miserable and my kids are overwhelmed I still feel guilty getting rid of things we've spent so much money on.

Pause read that question again! 

Miserable and overwhelmed?

Mama that is NO way to live! Money should never come into question when we are talking about the mental health of you and your household! Never. And at $27 I'd say its money well spent to get a system that gives you answers to every decluttering problem you might run into.

Okay, all this sounds great but I'm already short on time! How am I ever supposed to get this done?

That's the beauty of Toy Taming Taskforce, isn't it? 

Two days! Maybe even less. 

That's it! The ROI on your two-day investment will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

The breathing room you will create in just two days will pay you back in hundreds of stress-free days later.

Two Days!

You can spare that for peace and harmony, can't you?

I feel so overwhelmed and I'm just afraid to get started….

Good thing the Toy Taming Taskforce is so easy to follow! You literally don't have to think about a thing, it's all laid out for you in sequential order. If you still feel overwhelmed the Attacking Objections Course will talk you off the ledge, give you encouragement and remind you why purging these toys is one of the best things you will ever do

Won't my kids be so mad at me for getting rid of their toys?

They might be, that's a real possibility. We've provided talking points on what to say to your kiddos to make them feel better about the situation. The reality is YOU are the parent and YOU know what's best for your kids. Even if they get mad it's your responsibility as the parent to raise a happy, healthy child and sometimes that involves conflict.

How can I be sure that this will even benefit my home?

  • Decreased clutter and increased space
  • Less time spent cleaning and picking up for you and your kids
  • No more (or at least much less) of the “pick up your toys” arguments
  • No more research around what you can buy next to keep your child happy (I'll let you in on a secret, it's not MORE toys)
  • Longer attention spans and more engaging play
  • Increased ability to play alone and play better with others
  • More creative and imaginative play
  • No more lost Saturdays picking up and cleaning when you should be enjoying your time together
  • A healthier financial situation for your family
  • Maybe even a few extra bucks if you are able to sell some of the items you are purging

But remember while Toy Taming Taskforce works for everyone it is built in a way to specifically help YOUR situation

It helps those who have never decluttered, those that are dipping their toe into “minimizing", to those who just want a better system to the decluttering they already do.

It works because you don't have to think about where to start, what you might need, or how to actually DO any of the steps- instead of the time you would have spent making decisions and “getting ready to get started” your plan of attack is already done for you.

Did I mention you can be living with a minimal collection of toys in just 2 days or less?!?

No one alive has ever lived through the chaos that is the life we are experiencing right now. 

It is trauma. Traumatic for you, your kids, your spouse, your home. Everyone is overwhelmed, stressed, and worried,

The Toy Taming Taskforce System can alleviate a huge chunk of the overwhelm you are carrying around right now. 

Imagine being able to go to sleep at night knowing you don't have to wake up and face that disastrous mountain of toys in the morning.

Imagine waking up in the morning and hearing the quiet chatter of your child playing with their toys instead of blaring cartoons on the tv. Yes! That's a real thing!

What if you could say “yes” to a request for a playdate, an outing with a friend, or maybe even a nap because you had enough time in your day to do it!

I can give you that. Today. Right now. It will change your home forever.

Here's how this works

Grab your digital copy of Toy Taming Taskforce here

Check your inbox so you can dive into the program immediately

Follow the framework to get those toys out of your house in 2 days or less

Sit back, pat yourself on the shoulder and RELAX! You deserve it.

You don't need the perfect toy - you need fewer toys!

You don't need a bigger house - you need to find more space!

You don't need to spend hours cleaning and picking up - you need to spend that time with your kids!

You don't need a professional to come to sort it out for you - you can save your money and do it yourself!

All you need is Toy Taming Taskforce

So are you ready for less clutter, more time, better use of your space, and all for barely any cost or effort?

You are ready for Toy Taming Taskforce?

Will I be able to do this with my kids at home?

Absolutely! I actually recommend you have your kids be a part of the process, now you don't have to of course, but it would be a great opportunity to teach them a lot of valuable life lessons (I actually detail what these lessons are in Operation Toy Purge)

Do I need special supplies to start?

If you want to get fancy you are totally welcome to but Toy Taming Taskforce works just as effectively with items you already have in your home. No special stuff required.

But a lot of my toys are sentimental, will Toy Taming Taskforce still work for me?

Of course! We handhold you through the whole process and help you work through the emotional issues that will inevitably come up and also provide various solutions to tackle this emotionally driven problem.

I am just really worried about hurting the feelings of people who have given us these toys as gifts.

Yet another emotional topic but we cover all the ways to tackle this in Attacking Objections Course

I've got a LOT of stuff, what will I do with it all?

Don't worry, this system is made to be as easy as possible! Once the process is through you will know exactly what to do with every purged item.

I know it will all pile up again so what's the point?

Girl! I am changing your home and your mind with Toy Taming Taskforce. The information and systems provided in this course will keep you motivated and empowered to keep your house clutter-free for, well, forever

Will this be hard for my kids?

Maybe. I mean honestly, they might get upset. However, I think it's important to remember that you are teaching valuable skills and ideas to your children that they will be able to take forward into their lives. Do you want your kids to carry baggage over the emphasis you have placed on “stuff”? Or would you rather they grow up with a healthy appreciation of the value of money, the idea of home being a safe, comfortable place to relax in, & not be bogged down and overwhelmed with clutter?

My spouse will not agree

Gotcha covered there too. The information provided about the correlation between an abundance of toys and the negative impact it has on children is indisputable. There is no way you share this information with your spouse and they don't agree to move forward

I just don't want to waste this money we've spent.

Spoiler Alert: You've already wasted it. The money is gone, it ain't coming back. You can at least get your time back, which I have to say, in my opinion, is much more valuable than money you spent in the past.

Get Toy Taming Taskforce today and get your life back!

Get your home, your sanity, your time and your family back - You deserve it, your kids deserve it!

Lets do this