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If you're wondering how you can supercharge your training in a way that helps you actually perform better on the mat or in the ring, I've got the perfect thing for you.

I've taken the scientific concept known as "transfer of learning" and distilled it down into a handful of dead simple, easy-to-understand rules you can use to supercharge your training today and placed them all into a quick reference cheat sheet...and the best part is that it almost always makes training MORE fun.

Now you don't have to spend hours and hours and hours of drilling just to fail when your practice gets tested in sparring or competition. Instead, you can take these simple rules and transform your drills and exercises into rapid skill-building machines. Your classmates and training partners won't believe your progress.

And, if you're an instructor, your students will get better faster than ever -- and have more fun while doing it!

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Some of the helpful topics discussed by coaches and researchers on the podcast include:

  • Practical but unorthodox teaching strategies
  • The best learning strategies for rapid skill development
  • Current motor learning & control research
  • Modern pedagogical approaches
  • Motivational psychology & "affective" coaching
  • and lots of other interesting topics!

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