This 5 day challenge includes value packed emails sent straight to your inbox that are crafted to help foster a new kind of strength, love and communication in your marriage. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to create the marriage you always wanted.

What's In The Emails?

Email One

Focuses on speaking your spouse's love language and the importance of loving your spouse, their way.

Email Two

You will learn the one thing Danielle gave up that CHANGED their marriage. We're talking about the big bad monster of a self-serving attitude.

Email Three

Communication is Key. This a cliche, because it is true! Learn the secret to amazing communication every time you speak.

Email Four

Arguments. We all have them and their impossible to avoid. Learn how to have meaningful disagreements and how to win every single time.

Email Five

Being married means being our spouse's number one supporter. This email will show you what that truly means and looks like in every day life.