How To

Transform Your Life Through Travel


Can travel really change your life?

Yes, it definitely can! 

The strategies in this 36-page ebook, Transform Through Travel, are ones we tested in our 7 years as full-time nomads

In the book, we share exactly what you need to do on every stage of your trip — from planning, to travelling, to homecoming — to create meaningful change in your life.

Psst. Can I tell you a secret?

Most travel is disappointing.

It might be hard to believe, but studies have shown that the planning stage of a trip often makes you happier than taking the trip itself!

Sounds crazy right? 

But you know how it is.

You spend weeks and months planning, anticipating, dreaming... you spend ALL THAT MONEY. And then, the reality hits. 

Sub-standard hotels, cookie-cutter experiences, mediocre meals. So much time wasted in airports and line-ups! Nothing thrilling or even remotely exciting happens.

And then it's time to go home.

As soon as you walk through your front door it feels as if you never left. All the stress and the monotony of everyday life washes right back in.

Of course, when your friends ask you how it was, you lie and say it was incredible. Don't worry, I get it. We know just how you feel.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Travel can be as thrilling, exciting and transformational as you imagine. But it doesn't just happen by chance!

In Transform Through Travel, I share the exact steps you need to take your next trip from meh to mind-blowing

Whether you're travelling for the weekend or for weeks on end, these strategies will help you create lasting, meaningful changes in your perspective and your life.

What's Inside?

You'll get 36 pages of actionable advice for making your next trip truly transformational. To celebrate the launch of this book, we're offering 30% off, so you get it all for just $9.99 — the price of a couple of lattes. 

  • Learn what transformational travel is and what it can mean for you
  • Get advice on planning your trip with the intention of making it life-changing
  • Tips on developing a transformational mindset
  • Ideas for the types of activities that lead to the most personal growth
  • Strategies to make each day of your trip memorable
  • Ways to make sure you notice the details and absorb the culture of your destination
  • Effective travel journal prompts to make sure each day makes an impact on you
  • Ideas for extending the impact of your trip long after you return home
  • The recipe for taking what you learned on your trip and turning it into meaningful change in your life
  • And more...

Who should read this book?

Truth Seekers

This book is for you if you want to face the world with eyes wide open, using every moment of your travels to learn more about the world and yourself.

Change Makers

This book is for you if you aren't satisfied with the status quo (in your own life or in the world) and want to make a positive impact when you travel.

Action Takers

This book is for you if you don't want to just dream about transforming your life, you actually want to take action to make change happen.

Buy Transform Through Travel now and get these AWESOME BONUSES for FREE!

Transformational Workbook

Change doesn't happen until you take action. This printable / fillable workbook gives you a structured plan to make the strategies in Transform Through Travel come to life. Use this workbook to create real and lasting change.

Travel Planning Templates

This printable / fillable travel planner includes all the pages you need to plan your next transformational trip. We include (beautiful and organized) templates for your trip overview and daily itinerary, plus a pre-travel checklist and a complete packing list!

Who Are We?

Stephen & Jane, Founders of My Five Acres and Adventure Yoga

Hi there! We've been nomads for the last 7 years, and have travelled to more than 50 countries together, including 22 that we explored by bicycle!

In that time, we have taken trips that completely flipped our perspectives on the world and ourselves — expanding our minds and helping us make radical changes in our lives. We've also taken trips that... did nothing at all. Those disappointing travel experiences led us to explore what it is that makes a trip special, mind-blowing, and utterly transformational.

Are you ready to take your travels from meh to mind-blowing?

Transform Through Travel takes you step by step through every stage of your trip — from planning, to travelling, to returning home and taking action — all with the goal of helping you transform your life through travel!