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Divorce can be tough. You can feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure of what to do next or how to move forward.

Whether you’re going through divorce or considering it, you can feel alone, but you’re not!!

Can you relate?

The “Transform Your Life After Divorce” Virtual Summit is an event with over 20 experts like divorce coaches, financial analysts and advisors, divorce and family attorneys, real estate experts, and dating coaches.

Despite their busy schedules, they all have come together to help you navigate this challenging process so that you can thrive afterwards.

Each speaker provided the best stuff and you cannot miss out!!!

Among other things, you’ll get help with:

  • Discovering how to create new boundaries
  • Gaining insights on how to focus on child-centered divorce
  • Uncovering strategies for protecting your finances
  • Exploring ways to reclaim your independence
  • Getting ready to date again

Let us help you get through divorce with less time, less money and less stress and get ready to start thriving in the new chapter of your life!!!


  • Starts on May 29th
  • Interviewed 20+ Experts and Specialist (Plus Checklists, Templates, Guides, and Other FREE Gifts from the Speakers)
  • These interviews are approximately 25-40 minutes in length and will be available for 48 hours

Event Speakers

You'll be amazed by the incredible lineup of speakers at the summit. They're all experts and professionals who have achieved great things in their fields, and they're excited to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

They all have different backgrounds and perspectives, so you can expect a wide range of insights.

Get ready to be inspired and to Transform Your Life After Divorce!

Transform Your Life After Divorce and Thrive Again!!!

Are you ready to:

  • Stop feeling nervous and anxious about your future?
  • Get expert guidance and support from 20+ professionals how to navigate this challenging time?
  • Transform your life after divorce?

Time to Convert Your Challenges to Extraordinary Opportunities!