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About The Globetrotter GP

Hi, I'm Leanne, travel writer and photographer behind The Globetrotter GP Travel Blog. Alongside running this website, I also work as a general practitioner doctor. It's a busy role but I have always been passionate about travel and over the past 9 years since I qualified, I have travelled to 35 new countries all whilst holding down a full-time job. 

Now I'm passionate about helping other professionals do the same! On the website, you'll find heaps of travel inspiration and travel tips to help you travel more often. From short itineraries for trips you can fit in around work to short city breaks and group adventure tours. 

As a doctor, I can't help but occasionally educate you about travel health so keep your eyes peeled for health tips you can trust. 

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Get 19 Pages Of Brilliant Travel Hacks To Help You Travel More

Have you ever thought that you wanted to travel more but something has held you back?

Do you struggle to get enough vacation leave? Maybe you only get a week off but you want to travel somewhere exotic and far-flung?

Do you struggle to save or worry that travel is expensive? 

Are you single and find it hard to find someone to travel with when your friends are coupled up?

Do you have commitments at home like a mortgage, a pet or children which make it harder to travel?

There are times when I've worried about all of the above. But over the past 9 years, I've found ways around these problems and I want to share these travel hacks with you in this FREE Travel More Crash Course!

What you will find in your copy of the Travel More Crash Course

  •  How to double your annual leave by being clever with your dates
  • My personal recommendations for group tours for single travellers
  • List of websites and Facebook groups where you can find travel buddies
  • Easy ways to meet people when you travel solo making solo travel less daunting
  • How to save on car hire 
  • How to save on flights 
  • Cheap accommodation tips (and ways to get FREE accommodation)
  • Save on food and drink
  • Save on currency conversion 
  • Access my resource board for travel hacks from other travel blogs I read
  • Nab discount codes for Airbnb and
  • Get tips for saving towards travel
  • Get tips for how to finance your mortgage when you travel and protect your home
  • Learn how to travel even if you have pets at home that need caring for
  • Learn how to travel more as a single parent
  • Tips for how to maximise your travel and reach far-flung destinations with a short amount of time off.

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