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November 21st-29th, 2020

Explore and Learn in Finland

Learn from other teachers.

Explore Finland.

This November, we'll from Finnish educators as we shadow them in the classroom.

We'll compare the Finnish and AMericanschooling systems, and we'll see what we can take back to our classrooms in the States. 

We'll also find reindeer, meet adorable huskies, enjoy a sauna, and chase the northern lights.

There are only 5 spots left! 

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Thanksgiving Week


Visit schools, network with teachers and experience Helsinki for a unique Spring Break!

Nov 21

Arrival day
Winter Garden
Fazer Experience Visitor Centre
Special dinner out together

Nov 22

Alternate arrival day
Old Market Hall
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
Dinner together at hostel

Nov 23

Meet Finnish teachers
Orientation to Finnish school system
First day of teacher shadowing*
Dinner together at hostel

Nov 24

Second day of teacher shadowing*
Explore Helsinki's Christmas markets
Dinner together at hostel

Nov 25

Third day of teacher shadowing*
2-hour sauna experience at Löyly
Dinner out together

Nov 26

Debrief classroom observations
Fly to Rovaniemi
Dinner together at vacation rental
Northern Lights expedition

Nov 27

Visit huskies and reindeer!
Experience Santa Claus Village
Explore the Arktikum Science Museum
Finnish Farewell Dinner together

Nov 28

Departure day one
Optional day trips
Free day to relax and/or explore

Nov 29

Alternate departure day

For Finland in November of 2020

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