Align higher planning across the organization with smaller-scale management like Trello. Agilefant & Jira integration helps project managers and product managers overcome all problems you have in using Trello.

Some teams like to use Trello, but there may be reasons to use Agilefant to get metrics of progress, link small tasks and stories to long-term plans, and track spent time. 


Higher Planning

  • Link small tasks and stories to long-term plans by connect your Trello board to Agilefant iteration. 
  • Spent time is real-time updated in both tools 
  • Team leads can get metrics of progress in Agilefant whiles your team can still stick to Trello 

Improved Collaboration

  • Connect information from different tools within your toolchain together
  • Bring project management and development organizations closer together in communicating and sharing information
  •  Report progress with little to no overhead
Jira sync with Agilefant

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