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Kirk White

This was an excellent course... one of the rare practical ones that have clear action items and detailed steps without a lot of philosophical "law of attraction" affirmation tasks. I love the entire ethos of Tribe 1K and the Book Mechanic and recommend this class without reservation!

Ronan Leonard

The 1K list building course was phenomenal. Each day I got a new assignment to work on. This both helped stop the overwhelm and kept me accountable. August really knows his stuff.


Illinois, USA

"I have followed every last dang instruction in your course (which is PHENOMENAL by the way, else I wouldn't have spent an entire month creating the Easy Invite and the list infrastructure, so kudos!!).  ...If it's any consolation please know you delivered TONS of value to at least one person who has tried it a thousand times before but somehow it has never clicked - until now!"

Dan Langerock

Very informative. Will be using this for my upcoming books.

Dandy Cullum

August is pure genius. He overdelivers. This is a content-rich, practical course, presented in an engaging, entertaining prose that skips along with twists and turns and is as captivating as a crime-thriller and just as hard to put down. It's a page-turner and eye-opener. It's full of great ideas that I was able to implement immediately. I was drawn in by August's humour and his generosity in sharing trade secrets. I feel like we are best friends.

Adam Cadman

Reall great mini-course with tangible value, the information shared could easily be repackaged into a video series costing hundreds of dollars. Potentially infinite ROI. Brilliant.

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