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Testimonials from actual students:

"Thank you for the Tribe 1K Course! I signed up a few months ago, and in that time I have doubled my email list and I am getting ready to launch an email course to keep the momentum. Your course really helped me think a lot about growing my email list in different ways!"  -Jack Heimbinger

"Great course for setting up a business for writers. Also a great course for anyone in affiliate marketing, which got me to the Medium platform originally. It was through recommended reading that I ended up on your list. No many marketers or teachers give much before taking money. Could be they really don't have much to offer. Your are leading in what you are working on offering." -Ronald Preston

"If you're looking to launch your site and grow it fast, the Tribe 1K course is really fantastic. I learned a ton and I'm well on my way to my first 1,000 subscribers -Tom Greene (

"With plenty of modern, actionable tips for both fiction and non-fiction writers, Tribe 1K is the practical, no-nonsense guide you've been looking for." -Al Nelson (on Medium @alnelson)

"The 1K list building course was phenomenal. Each day I got a new assignment to work on. This both helped stop the overwhelm and kept me accountable. August really knows his stuff." -Ronan Leonard  (

"This was an excellent course... one of the rare practical ones that have clear action items and detailed steps without a lot of philosophical "law of attraction" affirmation tasks. I love the entire ethos of Tribe 1K and the Book Mechanic and recommend this class without reservation!" -Kirk White

"I have followed every last dang instruction in your course (which is PHENOMENAL by the way, else I wouldn't have spent an entire month creating the Easy Invite and the list infrastructure, so kudos!!).  ...If it's any consolation please know you delivered TONS of value to at least one person who has tried it a thousand times before but somehow it has never clicked - until now!" -SC

"I really enjoyed your course. After day 2, I found myself looking forward to the next email (and I'm sorry they're ending!). I've already implemented your guidance with regard to Bookstagram, and the result has been 34 followers in 3 days! I've also started putting together an automated email system. Now all I need is an EI (Easy Invite) to get going. You're providing a valuable service, thanks for all your help.-Anthony Gentile

"Thank you very much. Your masterclass helped me immensely in getting everything going, but more-importantly, giving me the confidence to move forward obtaining my dream." -Bryan Teague (

"Really great mini-course with tangible value, the information shared could easily be repackaged into a video series costing hundreds of dollars. Potentially infinite ROI. Brilliant." -Adam Cadman

"The Tribe 1K Course developed by August Birch, aka the Book Mechanic, was well worth my investment. The course is a 7-module step-by-step instruction for fledgling writers like me to build their email list, the right way. With the worksheets, checklists and easy-to-follow lessons, this course helped me develop the perfect email marketing strategies. I'm well on my way to success!"  -Barbara Henslee (

"Very informative. Will be using this for my upcoming books." -Dan Langerock

"August is pure genius. He over-delivers. This is a content-rich, practical course, presented in an engaging, entertaining prose that skips along with twists and turns and is as captivating as a crime-thriller and just as hard to put down. It's a page-turner and eye-opener. It's full of great ideas that I was able to implement immediately. I was drawn in by August's humour and his generosity in sharing trade secrets. I feel like we are best friends." -Dandy Cullum (

"I found August's email course full of great advice for someone new to book marketing and I imagine it is just as good for old hands. It has helped me focus on what needs to be done in clear, easy to follow steps. As we say here in Australia, 'Good on ya, mate!.'" -Rodney Shearing

"A lot of what you taught are things I learned from my experience in corporate marketing. That said, I've never seen a 7-day email course on this topic before and is was an incredibly engaging format! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with this creative community!" -Shayda Windle (

"August Birch's Tribe 1K email course is a must for writers trying to build an email list. If you're new to email list building or just feeling lost about where to focus after you build a signup form to your website (as I was), Tribe 1K has clear, actionable steps that'll give you a strategy to keep working on. This course is full of important advice and has already saved me from a massive headache later one." -Verity Marques (

"Tribe 1K gave me the map, the why, and the how to grow as a writer in all sorts of social media and not only. It goes beyond doing, you can see the mindset you need to have in order to be engaged and engage others. As Marshall Goldsmith (my hero coach) says, the achievement is about you, so you have my claps on being a leader for all of us who want to achieve more."
-Vassiliki Papadatou

"I found the structure and standard of the course was of the highest standard. Well worth the financial and investment of time. After the first course email I was excited to receive the next one. That rarely happens!"
-Wil Roach

"Birch's tutorial is fantastic. He explains everything clearly and in a matter-of-fact way that helps  you cope even with the most stingy strategies. He is convincing and patient: I'm proud of saying I've started my first 1K followers. I recommend everyone who wants to be competitive in the book market should take this course." -Anna Ferrari (

"I loved your 7-day masterclass. Being new to Medium really helped give me a better sense of how to write and create an email network." -Blake Lazur

"This course is fabulous and I am taking aggressive action to learning ASAP (as much as possible) from your incredible resource. I am a new member of Medium. That is where I am setting my hat to learn my writing skills. Thanks for the excellent, informative info you have made so readily available. It is literally changing my life." -Thomas McDaniels (Lead Pastor) Twitter @thomasmcdaniels

"Your Tribe 1K course has absolutely revolutionized my thinking on how to be an indie author. With your tips and professional advice at hand, building my audience doesn't seem like less work, but it does seem like doable work. As I craft my EI I'm finding my way into where they lurk and seeing engagement rise slowly. Medium and Bookstagram have been incredible tools for making connections I can turn into buyers. Excellent tips in digestible chunks." -Gwenna Laithland

"I took August Birch's Tribe 1K course and although I haven't started implementing is yet, I plan to very soon. As soon as I can get a website for my writing business, I plan to do everything I learned in the course... His course has made me realize how now is the time to build an email list, not later. Thanks August!" - Clarissa Wilson, Medium writer @cwilson72180

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I'm August Birch. As both a writer and creator with 20+ years experience in email marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship, I know what you need to make more work that sells and sell more work you make. 

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