Dive into a specific and powerful method of magickal writing that opens the doors to change...

...heals the past

... and shapes the future.

"I am stunned and in awe. I never expected the magic to come this soon! Anna, I am so grateful and loving this, it's pure magic. Life is unfolding differently now!"

"Literally in the middle of writing on lessons from a bad situation - and up pops a message from a friend saying she can help with the exact problem I have. From writing to reality in about 3 seconds flat THAT is magick!!!"

If you’ve tried ‘manifesting’ and other semi-magical practices, with mixed results, and are ready for something a little bolder…

Three emails over three days, in which I share the details of this powerful magick practice: exactly how to perform it for the best possible outcome

No videos, no groups, no ‘lives’, no new platforms or passwords. At 7am (UK time) you receive an email: read it, complete the action, and your magick is done for the day.

After three days you'll have the option to purchase 21 days of writing prompts, to develop your spell... but you'll have all the information to do the magick unguided, if you prefer.

Hello, my name is Anna Bellissima. 

I’m a writer and witch and I’ve created dozens of spells of this kind - the vast majority come true. 

When I realised how reliably this magick plays out, I was asked to share my method - now others are weaving their own fates, too.