Get email conversion & strategy tips, straight from the desk of a copywriter at the sharp-end...

Tuesday Email Club

See what's working right now in email marketing – and how to turn your casual subscribers into committed fans

Here's what you'll get:

  • An email every Tuesday (duh!) with advice you can use right away 
  • Email copy ideas  – so you can spend less time scratching around the back of your brain for stuff AND slash your writing time
  • Emails from big name companies analysed (hint: they're often not as good as you'd think). Yes, I take requests...
  • Bite-sized strategy stuff – find out why you need an abandoned cart sequence, and how to ace your next launch
  • A subscriber-only free gift: 20 minutes with me to pick my email brain on Zoom (optional, but definitely recommended)

Who should join Tuesday Email Club? 

Anyone who wants to. More seriously - this is probably for you if you're a business owner or marketing person who wants to write your own emails, or maybe a copywriter who wants to start writing emails for clients. 

This is definitely not for you if you're looking for help with email design (I don't do that) or tech setup (nope, that's not me either).

Err... but who are you, exactly?