If you feel overwhelmed, caught up in all you "have" to do, lost to yourself or just can't find your "steady", then this Collective is for you. 


I am so very grateful for Chris and Evolv. It helped me to delve deeply and shine a light on old patterns and behaviours that have been holding me back from being my best self. I feel I now have a deeper awareness and more tools to help me release that which no longer serves me as I travel on my path of personal and spiritual evolution. 

- Shannon

Evolve helped me look at lifelong behaviours from the outside; breaking them down to help me make small, achievable and lasting changes. With these new insights I feel I am moving with confidence from a solid base. I am very grateful to Chris and Evolve. 

- Jennifer

Evolve has helped revealed a very old family pattern that I was not aware of and that was impacting my life profoundly. It has honed my focus in on this pattern. Then, applying the strategies recommended has bought about a deep shift in my perspective of myself and how I fit in the world. Chris provides support with meditation strategies, mindfulness and RAW delivered with laughter and light. I thoroughly recommend Evolve.

- Gabrielle

It's time to choose you.

Remember, we have limited spots available and I'd really love you to EVOLVE with us.

❤️Chris Shana