Hello fellow creative human!

This week, leading up to the opening of my exhibition The Basaloid Project, I'm attempting to set up a mailing list and I would love it if you would join. Knowing there's a like-minded, fellow creative human at the other end, will make sending my monthly emails out a pleasure for me. And for you?

The newsletter is designed to stimulate and motivate you to do your thing. Each month I will share my findings with you, articles or videos that have inspired me or made me wonder in some way with its uplifting and inspiring content.

To get us started, HERE is a list of 7 books that have helped me create.

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A mystical, poetic journey of self-reckoning. The Basaloid Project turns a confrontation with mortality into a creative manifesto."

Ross Murray, author of Rufus Marigold.

Happy reading!