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I'm Cheryl,

I am so excited to share the secrets of my productivity system with you. You will learn how to increase your productivity without sacrificing your whole life to your business.

My system is based on tried and true principles in the IT industry all around the world.  I have adapted these principles for solopreneurs to create a sustainable system for maximum productivity with no burnout!

I look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!

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Here's what people are saying...

"When I worked with Cheryl to learn how to use Scrum to help me regain balance between growing my blogging business and taking time with my family, it only took a few lessons into the challenge I participated in to open my eyes. I really believe what I learned just in a short time of applying her methods will change the way I blog and plan. It will probably even impact how I manage my home (so many applications for the Scrum method!) I'd never heard of Scrum before working with her and taking the Scrum Challenge. But now that I have, I can't imagine going back.

Cheryl is personable and professional, and she confidently guided my challenge group to constantly evaluate our progress, and helped us stay accountable. Even better--everything we did was in short, manageable time segments. At no point did I feel overwhelmed or like I was missing key family time to grow my business. In fact, by working with her, I was able to identify the time blocks in my daily life in which I could squeeze the most value out of working on my business, and the areas which I never needed to compromise. That one exercise alone made the challenge worth it to me. I'm a Scrum convert!"

~ Andrea Brame, ThisModernMess.com

"I recently took part in a class with Cheryl to learn how to apply Scrum techniques to my blogging and coaching business. I learned some very great techniques to add to my goals toolkit. In conjunction with Cheryl’s program, I am learning how to train my brain to power hour and increase my efficiency in all areas of my life.

If you are at all interested in decreasing the hours that you put into work each week, I would highly recommend getting plugged in with Cheryl."

~ Pam Mencimer, UnveilingAyla.com


~ A.H. Shell Singer, LegendaryLionheart.com

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