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Gary Deering, a.k.a Gary 1

Aeronautical Engineer testing Apollo components, 1968-1969

For ego killers—such as the THEN me—I did not know that that is WHAT I was doing.

Objectivism was my first salvation—that is, when I discovered that Ellsworth Toohey resided within—I set about on a self improvement program that was the FOCUS of my life 24/7.

Literally: I started a Personal Journal for my awake hours and a Dream Journal for my sleeping ones.

I did take time out to eat though.

During these years—rather near the end of some half dozen years immersed in Objectivism and before my immersion in Biocentric Psychology—I met my ego.

It was in a dream and from that moment forward I never forgot the “experience”:

    I have met the friend and he is I.

There is much much more to this but the above result is the important part, that is, it is such a Personal Experience that—like sex—it can’t be communicated, only experienced.

If you too are a ego killer then some version of this “event” is in your future too.

If you want it.

Or as I often say, if not then not.

PsycHHology Engineering is just the greatest!

What more can “I” say?

Well … see all my writing properties for more.

Gary Deering, a.k.a Gary 2

From Psychhotherapist down to Customer Service Specialist for a residential home builder company owned by my then wife.

Or as I liked to say at the time that since I hated customer service: I was the first person on the planet to sleep his way to the bottom.

PsycHHology Engineering improved my sense of humor. 

For another example:

During one point in this transitional time my wife was the main bread winner and I stayed home in a Mr. Mom sort of way, except at the time we were empty nesters. And when friends and family tried to embarrass me by asking about it I just said: Nichole and I simply changed roles, I now see her as a money making machine and she sees me as a sex object. 

Nichole didn't think it all that funny but every last man to a man that I said this to burst into envy (I could tell by the tone and shape of their laughter).

PsycHHology Engineering is just the greatest!

What more can "I"say?

Well ... see all my writing properties for more.


Gary Dean Deering, a.k.a Gary 3 with some room remaining to get to Gary 7


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Gary Dean Deering

WITH A MASTER’S DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY and a background and first career in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering (with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering) from THEN, Gary Dean Deering is NOW a retired, run-out-of-business-by-the-State of Minnesota, Selfishness-Training-Institute-Psychotherapist still living in Minnesota (Facts On File: see Free Book herein). He also is the author of two books and many Kindle books and articles: “Yes. (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?), paperback, ISBN 978-0-977-4996-0-1, “Selfish’ism”, paperback, ISBN 978-0-977-49961-8 and recent Kindle: “Brain is NOT Mind: Therefore, brain drugs can’t cure mind problems”.  Some of his other kindle titles are: Hobby types: “Kentucky Derby 2018: The Airy Number: D.ö.s.a.g.e™ : Pedigree and Performance of the handicapper-bettor not the horse”, “The Triple Crown Affair - Book 3 - Secret White Sheet iif Formulas for The Belmont Stakes”.  And other types: Letters to the Home Planet, Volumes 1 and 2, respectively: 2007: “God can’t paint” and 2008: “1984 came and didn’t went”. And others: “The 4 Horsemen of the New Apocalypse: Dictatorship in America”; “I am for Trump because ...”; and “It's the individual rights, Republicans: ANTI-ABORTION IS WRONG. PRO-ABORTION IS RIGHTs”.