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Welcome to the Rede-Verse, where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Science Fiction with diversity and attitude reign supreme. 

In this universe, ANYONE can be the hero of the story. All my characters have "people problems" and are searching for a place to call their own. Whatever story you choose, you're sure to find Monsters and Mayhem along the way. 

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Rowena Rede lives on a small farm in rural West Virginia. She's an avid pop culture and book enthusiast. She misses the good old days when she had her own pull list at the local comic book shop in the next county. A self-professed curmudgeon who loves reading and writing Historical, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Horror, and Urban Fantasy books when time allows. She is quite proud of her humongous TBR Pile which will never be finished much like her Netflix queue. She always has time for a good meme and has never turned down a carbohydrate. If you also enjoy these things, feel free to follow her on social media.

Fairies, Witches, and Spies, Oh My!

Elemental Witch and Supernatural P.I. Maya Morales works best alone. Blessed with certain abilities, she doesn't need backup. At least she didn't until her last job seriously messed up her witchy abilities. 

When she's offered a lucrative job from a powerful Fae that could set her career up for a lifetime, she happily agrees, until she finds out there are strings attached. She has to work with partners. Worse yet, humans.

Park Thatcher and William Ison, former darlings of a black ops government agency known as Shadownet, have recently found themselves unemployed. What are two former spies to do when their resume highlights include killing people, sarcasm, alcoholism, and caffeine addiction? With few options available, they contract themselves to a mysterious client and are whisked off to Los Angeles and Maya. 

They quickly realize they may be in over their heads when they discover that the creatures from their childhood nightmares are alive and thriving. Can their new partner Maya get them up to speed before they end up as part of the supernatural food-chain? Or will their names be added to the growing list of mysterious disappearances plaguing the community?