Harvest Moon Soy Candle Workshop

I LOVE thanking my Arbonne Clients and supporting local women in business. 

During the weeks of October 14 to October 31st, any new client enrolled or existing client who places an order will receive FREE enrolment to the Harvest Moon Soy Candle Workshop. 

This complimentary Virtual Candle Making Experience focuses on Aromatherapy ! During this 60 minute workshop, you will be taken step-by-step through the candle making process. While we create our candles, you can  enjoy a cup of herbal tea as we chat about the ways we support our mental health and practice self care.

Once you have enrolled as an Arbonne client, you will receive your DIY candle making kit in the mail in preparation for the virtual workshop November 15. 

Your DIY Kit for this event will include:

  • Owl Teacup
  • Arbonne Herbal Detox Tea
  • Eco Certified Soy Wax chips
  • 1 Cotton wicks with glue tab
  • 7ml Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oils
  • Dried Botanical Flowers & Herbs
  • Blending Sticks
  • Detailed Instruction Cards

Discover More 

I have been consulting clients on Arbonne products for 10 years. The company has a holistic approach to wellness and health focusing on plant based vegan products for skin, body & the mind. They are a leader in the industry for ethical formulating and recently acquired B Corporation Certification. It is my pleasure to introduce you to this brand, available only through experienced trained consultants. Please see membership details below. 

Mindfulness & Health with Aromatherapy

This year has been historical. We all need to take care of one another and check in. Aromatherapy is a beautiful tool to include for you health & wellness. My dear friend Ginny offers incredible Virtual workshops. As a thank you for you deciding to choose safer healthier skin care products, I am inviting you as my personal guest to this exclusive Harvest Moon Soy Candle workshop. 

Agewell Skin System

Plant Based  & Vegan 

Members Advantage

Free membership with purchase. 

Mind Body Skin

Holistic Approach to wellness

Membership details


If you need to learn a bit more and have questions, please email me here suebirdvp@gmail.com subject line: Harvest Moon Workshop