Want to become a Workday Consultant?

Become a Workday HCM Expert 

Workday HCM training provides learners with the hands-on expertise they need to land a dream job in the growing HCM and Enterprise Resource planning industry. 

In this workday course, students will learn the most in-demand skills in the Functional and Technical aspects of Workday. You can apply for the workday certification exam after the completion of the 20 Hrs of Workday online training which covers all the required concepts.

Fee with Tenant access:- 25000 INR 

Fee without Tenant Access:- 18000 INR 

People outside India can book their seats via Paypal at theskilldeck20@gmail.com

or Can transfer the amount to Bank

ACC NO. - 095663400000442

Date:- 6th 7th 13th 14th 20th August

Time: - Saturday : - 6:00 PM  - 8:00 PM

Sunday:- 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Kindly note Tenant access is for 30 Days

Q & A

1) What are the goals of workday HCM training?

By the end of Workday training, you can:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Workday's design and specifications.
  • Discover the terminology and features of a workday suit.
  • Configure the application by the specifications.
  • Learn about and put different staffing models into action.
  • Assist with testing cycles.
  • Run the test scripts and troubleshoot them.
  • Discover the various business processes.

2) Why should you take Workday training?

Workday professional with Workday certification can earn high salaries than other technologies professionals. There are no prerequisites for Workday learning, and you can become a better Workday developer with no programming experience and easy access to Workday training. Workday is easy to handle so that anyone could automate it.

3)  Who can take workday HCM training?

  • Organisational Human Resources and Finance professionals
  • MBA graduates with a specialisation in Human Resources or Finance
  • Professionals who want to advance or switch to an IT career in the organisation's HR and Finance departments.

Course Objective

Workday HCM Course 

                                        This course will start with the fundamentals. No prior knowledge of ERP is required.

Workday, on-demand cloud-based enterprise applications that combine affordable ownership with an advanced approach to all businesses by providing blended Financial Management and Human Capital Management (HCM) applications. Workday Human Capital Management combines Human Resource (HR) and Talent Management into a single system of records. It defines global, mobile, and diverse workforce management. This helps in recruiting the best talent, gaining insight into employee skills and needs, identifying and developing future leaders.

Topics to be covered are:

Workday Basic & Navigation

Core Concepts and Navigation

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Core Concepts
  • Tenant
  • Business Objects
  • Basic Navigation – application Header
  • Basic Navigation – Landing Pages and Dashboard
  • Basic navigation – Screen Icons
  • Functional Areas
  • Domains
  • Business Process Frame Work
  • Configurable Security


  • Organisations in Workday
  • Organisation types
  • Supervisory Organisations
  • Reorganisation
  • Setup of supervisory org structure
  • Managing supervisory organisation
  • Creating a subordinate org
  • Dividing a supervisory org
  • Additional org types
  • Company
  • Cost Center
  • Location
  • Organization Hierarchies
  • Organisation Assignments on supervisory org
  • Organisational Reports


  • Staffing Models
  • Types of Staffing Models
  • Configuring individual staffing model
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Position Management
  • Job Management
  • Differentiating between staffing models
  • Maintaining Staffing Models

Jobs and Positions

  • Jobs and Positions
  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiating Job profiles, Job families, Job family groups
  • Job profiles and Localisations
  • Management Level Hierarchy
  • Creating Job profile
  • Creating Position and Headcount Groups
  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Position
  • Creating Positions
  • Edit Position Restrictions
  • Close Position vs. Managing a Hiring Freeze


  • Compensation
  • Compensation Components
  • Creating Compensation
  • Compensation Rules
  • Compensation Reports
  • Compensation Packages
  • Compensation Grades
  • Bonus plans
  • Amount based
  • Percent based
  • Salary and Hourly plans
  • Compensation Segment Security
  • Initiating Compensation Events

Security & Business Process

  • Security Architecture
  • Configuration Security
  • Functional Areas, Securable items and Security Policies
  • Business Process
  • Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Step types
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Default
  • Customize
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Completion Steps
  • Due Date and Alerts
  • Delays and Routing Restrictions
  • Business sub processes
  • Deploying Business Processes
  • Business Process Reports


  • Reports
  • Reporting
  • Report Writer overview.
  • Developing Simple, Advanced Reports.
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Writer
  • Data Sources
  • Class Report fields
  • Create Report
  • Report type, Data source
  • Objects, Fields
  • Order columns
  • Sort outputs
  • Filter criteria
  • Business Object

Calculated Fields

  • Calculated Fields
  • Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Field Reports
  • Text functions
  • Working with Related Business Objects

HCM Transactions

  • Transactions in workday
  • Creating Applicants
  • Hiring in Supervisory Organisations
  • Assigning User based security groups
  • Hire into position/job/headcount management
  • Staffing movement
  • Termination
  • Request Delegation, Rescind
  • Move workers and Inactivate supervisory organisations
  • Workday Accounts
  • Viewing Personal Data

EIB Overview

  • EIB Overview
  • EIB Design Pattern
  • EIB Limitations.
  • Workday Public Web services overview.
  • Workday Reports-as-a-Service
  • Developing an Inbound EIB.
  • Custom Report Transformation.
  • EIB Features.
  • Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB's.


    • Workday HCM Certified Consultant currently working on an implementation Project as a Functional and Data Conversion Consultant.
    • SAP AG Certified SAP HCM professional with 12+ years of experience in various industries - Information Technology and Services, Management Consulting, Hospital & Health Care
    • Expertise in different modules of SAP HCM, mainly OM, PA, Time Management, Payroll (International) & Performance Management
    • Trained and Certified on Performance Management/Goal Management Module of SuccessFactors
    • Significant experience in Enterprise Resource Planning using SAP R/3
    • Extensively worked on significant aspects of HR like Payroll, Personnel Administration, Training, and many more
    • An out-of-the-box thinker with logical skills for process design, development, and implementation
    • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively with all hierarchies of the work pyramid in the organisation
    • Articulate communicator with outstanding analytical abilities, decision-making, problem-solving skills.


    • Workday HCM Certified
    • Certified in SAP HR


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