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The problem...

You don’t know what healthy eating really is...

Maybe it’s chicken and broccoli...

Maybe it’s a bowl of carrots...

Or it could be that fizzy pink drink you see people drinking on Instagram...

And even if you did know what makes up a healthy meal...

You rarely have the time or energy to cook a meal...

And you definitely don’t want to stand in the kitchen for hours...

And taste? What taste?

As far as you know, healthy meals are tasteless meals...

And that’s where you draw the line.

The wrong idea...

What drives me crazy is that too many calorie-obsessed coaches, trainers, and authors have given healthy eating a bad name.

They have promoted the idea that healthy eating means removing everything you love from the kitchen and sitting down to tasteless and unfulfilling meals.

And that’s just not true.

Yes, what constitutes healthy eating is different for every body type...

And what your body needs now may be different from what your body needs later in your healthy eating journey...

But that doesn’t mean that healthy eating can’t be delicious, easy to prepare, and fulfilling.

So, I’m taking a stand against the idea of boring health food that takes forever to cook and makes your life complicated...

And I’m teaching you how to put together meals in a creative and fun way.



My story....

I grew up in a small town in the Southern United States where breaded, fried, and cheesy is the typical dinner presentation.

Knowing absolutely nothing about what healthy eating is, I became obsessed with counting calories to combat the freshman 15.

But despite consuming low calories and spending hours on the treadmill, 15 lbs became 20 lbs, and 20 lbs threatened to become even more.

I tried eating special cereals every morning, cooking grilled chicken every night, and drinking weight loss teas throughout the day to suppress my appetite.

The result? I would crash and burn after less than 2 weeks of “healthy eating” returning to what was tasty and convenient.

And by grad school, I had repeated this cycle so many times that I was exhausted, and my commitment to healthy eating flat-lined.

I settled for a menu of fried chicken and biscuits, bar food, and pasta with, yes, the occasional and disappointing chicken breast with overcooked broccoli.

And dramatic weight swings, health problems, and pants that I couldn’t button became the norm.


Because I assumed that healthy eating required a superhuman willpower, hours upon hours in the kitchen, and satisfaction with unsatisfying meals.

But everything changed when I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and learned just what healthy eating is.

And once I was armed with that knowledge, the only thing left for me to learn was how to cook well and in a way that helped me spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life.

These days, I eat like the Goddess Virgo on a girl’s trip with Rachel Ray making healthy and satisfying meals that give more energy than they take.

And I’ve found inventive ways to explore in the kitchen that have freed me from the confines of step-by-step recipes...

Which allows me to express my creativity while discovering amazing flavor profiles and textures and creating one-of-a-kind meals.

The result? I’m now in the best shape of my life, have said goodbye to a myriad of health concerns, and finally have the stamina to power through long days.

I’ve moved out of the crash and burn cycle and moved into morning mediations, afternoon workouts, productive work days, and creative evenings.

And I’ve made room for my passion for teaching healthy eating and lifestyle choices that help creatives get the most out of their lives.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Megan, founder of Mayapple Health. I am an art-based health coach with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare & clinical research.

I help creatives
stop mindless eating, day to day anxiety, and negative self-talk and commit to healthy eating, self-care, and positive thought.

I help you reach your goals through coaching supported by the pillars of effective goal-setting, therapeutic art, & mindfulness-based practices.

And I've been featured on the Kick Off Your Damn Heels podcast with Dr. Teralyn Farmer Sell, as well as in Lynette Duncan's online course portal.

I know what it feels like to struggle to commit to healthy eating.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to stay committed to healthy eating too.

I understand how confusing healthy eating seems.

And what it’s like not to have energy to cook after a long work day.

And if you’re a food-lover like me, the fear of boring and tasteless meals is REAL.

In 2016, my health started to change for the better when I realized that my diet and lifestyle needed a makeover.

I tried 30-day cleanses and being the cardio Queen.

But things only started to look up when I found a way to make healthy eating simple, sustainable, and fun.

It took plenty of trial and error before coming up with the Build-a-Meal method for creating healthy meals that are delicious, satisfying, and easy to make.

And I've packed everything I learned into a video and 1:1 training course, so you can start building healthy meals right away.'s time for you to experience the results for yourself.

Introducing "Creative Cooking School"

Creative Cooking School provides step-by-step video instruction and live 1:1 training  for creatives on the path to intuitive wellness who want to learn how to make delicious, satisfying, and healthy meals without feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen or bored at the dinner table.

Unlike basic cooking classes, Creative Cooking School gives you the foundational tools you need to create healthy meals for a lifetime (not just tips for how to master duck l’orange), so you get your money’s worth.

Creative Cooking School combines the best of chef-taught classes with health coaching and art-based tools, so you walk away having had a personalized, educational, AND uplifting experience.

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What's Included?

  • You’ll zero in on where you are in your healthy eating journey, so you know what changes will be most effective for you
  • You’ll learn how to tackle your goals sustainably and with art, so you’re always inspired to keep moving forwards
  • And you’ll discover timeless tips for choosing healthy proteins, fats, and carbs, so you feel less overwhelmed about what healthy eating is
  • You’ll learn an art-based method for building your “meal wheel”, so you’re always inspired by the ingredients you have on hand
  • You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the ingredients I grow indoors all year round, so you know the easiest way to supplement your produce
  • And you’ll get a 30-minute online shopping tour with your favorite online grocer, so you know the quickest and easiest way to fill your weekly shopping cart
  • We’ll work together 1:1 to choose healthy ingredients and build a meal together from the luxury of your own kitchen
  • You’ll discover how to balance a flavorful meal across the salt, sweet, fat, heat, and acid/earth spectrums
  • And you’ll be introduced to my multi-meal-prep method to help you spend less time in the kitchen and get 3 meals out of 1

What You'll Discover

In these modules, you'll:

  • Expand your knowledge of The Build-a-Meal method I developed to go from eating fast food chicken and biscuits to creating healthy meals with ease
  • Reduce the overwhelm and distraction of grocery shopping with a guided virtual shopping trip to your favorite grocer’s online shop
  • Receive a personalized virtual cooking experience that teaches not only what ingredients to use but HOW to balance flavor and texture for a satisfying meal
  • Learn how to connect your thoughts and feelings about healthy eating to an art-based exercises that will keep you motivated even after school is done

Additional Support

Looking for additional support on your healthy-eating journey? Continue your enrollment in Creative Cooking School on a month-to-month basis and receive video cooking lessons and art demonstrations.

Join a group of like-minded creatives on the path to intuitive wellness and healing and take part in weekly video replays, so you’re never alone in the kitchen or in your create space.

*Currently, enrolling by wait list only.*

What's Next?

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On the call...

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  • I'll answer any questions you have, so you're totally confident in your decision
  • And we'll talk about the best payment option for you

And you’ll be enrolled as a student as soon as payment is received, so you can begin your training immediately!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you've ever worked with me before, then you know I put my heart and soul into delivering results for my clients.

I assure you the same with this course.

As you get to know the course, I encourage you to reach out to me if you need help.

And I understand that you've maybe not been thrilled with courses you've tried before.

And while I can guarantee that you'll be blown away by all that you can achieve with this course, here are the details on the refund policy just so we're on the same page...

If you do the work and are still not satisfied after 14 days, I'll refund your payments as long as you fulfill the following refund qualifications:

  1. Provide a reason why you are dissatisfied.
  2. If you feel that the course does not deliver on its promise, map it out against the sales page to show WHAT you feel it does not deliver on.

In other words, I can't provide a refund just because you changed your mind.

So please make sure that you do indeed want to take the course before setting up payments.

I reserve the right to deny any refund requests and ask that you do not purchase this course with the intention of asking for a refund.

The reason I have a strict refund policy is that I know this is an effective course.

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