Ready For An Upper Limit Breakthrough?

Discover the 3 main causes of Upper Limiting in women in business or STEM... and how to get over them without compromising your authenticity and femininity.

These classes might be FREE but that does not mean that they are lightweight.  

Apply what you learn inside and IT WILL change your life!

Upper Limiting Is...

 ...disproportionately experienced by women.

It is further disproportionately experienced by women in STEM fields and women in their own businesses.

It is yet further disproportionately experienced by marginalized women in these fields.

High achieving women are at greater risk of experiencing Upper Limiting behaviour due the very techniques and approaches that caused them to succeed in early life.

- Good girl conditioning.

- Being flexible and sacrificing yourself for others.

- Responding to praise and criticism.

Upper Limit Breakthrough is necessary to be able to step into your bold, authentic technicolour life.

These classes might be FREE but that does not mean that they are lightweight.  

Apply what you learn inside and IT WILL change your life!

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Sustainable Success: How To Manage Stress

Rather than advice on healthy lifestyle, this class explores the impact of stress on your success, what is really going on, and how to quickly shift out of your stress patterns.

Not your usual stress management class.


On completion of this class you will:

- Understand why we react differently to similar situations

- Be able to stop scary stress symptoms much sooner

- Take control over negative emotions

How to Understand & Overcome Self Sabotage

In this class we go under the hood of what self-sabotage is, why we do it, and how to overcome it.  I'll bring in some of the newest thinking about behaviour patterns and help you access two superpowers you might not even be aware that you have.

On completion of this class you will:

- Know why so many of us self-sabotage

- Recognise that mindset is not everything

- Have a clear pathway to use all 3 of your 'intelligences'.

Discover If Your Inner Critic Is Keeping You Stuck & Playing Small

In this class we unpack what is at the heart of your Inner Critic voice and how to stop it from stopping YOU play bigger in your life, career or business. 

You’ll hear what other women’s inner critics say to them as well as understand that your inner critic is not to be conquered, but understood.

On completion of this class you will:

- Explore the root of your inner critic
- Identify your motivating factor to getting unstuck and playing bigger
- Commit to one action that will quieten the inner critic voice and take you closer to your Technicolour Life

Each Upper Limit Class provides powerful and easily applicable activities and coaching questions to get you unstuck FAST.

Based on the principles of "Learn a Little - Play a Little - Practice a LOT" you will be breaking through the 3 main causes of Upper Limiting.

LEARN: The unexpected reasons you are experiencing your Upper Limits

    PLAY:  Fun activities and training to help you see things from a far more empowering, feminine perspective

    PRACTICE:  Coaching questions and reflection prompts that help you to develop your practice and break through your upper limits

    Ready to be free from YOUR Upper Limits?

    Imagine being able to manage your stress so that you have your maximum resources available at the time you need them most...

    Imagine breaking the patterns of self-sabotage that are keeping you from stepping fully into your Technicolour Life...

    Imagine being in control of your inner critic instead of it being in control of you, and knowing how to get unstuck and playing bigger in one simple step.

    It's all just a click away.