An Inspired Life

2020 has been a roller coaster that has left many of us feeling...different. Our outlook is different. What we hold close is different. What we want out of life is different and it has pivoted us to a place of not fully knowing what's next, but brave enough to find out.

Its exciting, uncharted territory.

But let's be honest, its pee-your-pants scary, too.

What we're about

Unleashed Life membership was created as a safe place for womxn to day dream about their best life while being surrounded by others on the same path.

No gate keeping. No ego.

No Debbie Downers saying "That's not realistic" (cue sad trombone)

We're all about inclusivity, kindness, openness, creativity, laughter & community.

We absolutely LOVE our pets and talk about them alllllll the time.

How we support you

Every month you'll a receive a curated collection of content meant to inspire you to take the small steps toward living your very best life. The content each month is different but always includes our signature Life On Purpose list that is filled with actionable steps to get you out of the box and trying something new.

Its always a surprise and always what I am energetically picking up from both the members as a collective AND the world at large.

There might be links to meditations, podcasts, book recommendations, recipes for cocktails and tasty treats, personalized oracle card pulls, memes, astrology insights and so much more.

Literally SO. MUCH. VARIETY.

Everything inside of the membership is either the exact tool or inspired by the tools I used to navigate my own journey and personal development over the past 5 years. 

YOU are my why 

Why I made this membership

Hey friend, its nice to meet you!

I'm Mary.

This is the part where I always feel weird because I have to talk about myself.

You see, most of my life has been framed by feeling I was an outsider; different.

I never felt like I fit in.

(Turns out living with undiagnosed ADHD has a lot to do with that!!)

Because of this, I often created what I wanted to experience because it was not readily available.

During the recession, I opened a home lifestyle & interior design boutique, won many awards, had a lot of fun, and still felt...empty.

It was certainly an honor to be awarded, but it didn't feel the way I thought it would.

There was an overwhelming feeling of....being made for more.

During a trip to Iceland, I had a profound awakening and finally admitted to myself that I no longer wanted to own a boutique.

Saying that out loud was one of the scariest, hardest, most liberating things.

It left a lot of "now what"? husband and I sold our fixer-upper we spent the last 6 years renovating, moved to a home & turned it into a farm.

During this process, people kept saying "WOW! You are so fearless! You are so inspirational!"

It was such a kind compliment but I am definitely NOT fearless.

At alllllllll.

(I totally practice what I am ordering at a restaurant before the server asks me).

What I AM is someone who has never wanted to settle for anything less than what felt authentic in life.... for ME.

To have the courage to pivot when it felt off (even if it was scary).

To use the fact I was born with a brain that literally experiences the world differently and use my unique perspective to inspire others to ask different questions, think creativity & take steps to live a life they actually want to live.

THAT is why I am here.

To help YOU.

Look, I don't have it all figured out.

But, I DO know first hand that things become clearer when we take messy, aligned action.

I DO know is that we are all made for more.

What that more is for you, is what the adventure is all about.

I am here to hold the lantern, shine some light & help you take the first steps on your trek.

Let's put on those boots!

We're here

Ask us about the membership or just say hello!