About Me

Hi I'm Thais Angelica the Color Expert and Artsy Designer who helps up and coming female entrepreneurs perfect their brand color in 30 days. Today I am offering a completely free guide that will help explain the meaning of common brand colors to you.

What are the benefits?

Included in this free training document you will find many tools and links that will help you make some basic color choices to identify your brand.

First benefit

Color choices made simple by understanding each color's inherent meaning.

Second benefit

Color broken down by its most common uses and where it is appropriate to use each color.

Third benefit

Extra resources to support your brand including a color picker and color mixer link.

How can I find the right color that will speak for my business?

Learn how to choose the right colors the first time around. Take some time today to familiarize yourself with color and their meaning in the western world so that you can pick the right colors for your branding.