Do you wish wedding planning was easier?

You're so excited to be engaged. You've finally found the love of your life, and you can't wait to marry them in front of your friends and family. It's a day you've dreamed about since you were a little girl, and you can hardly wait to walk down the aisle and experience the magic of the moment.

But the whole wedding planning thing? That can be a challenge.

There are just so many things to do and never enough time to get them all done. You constantly feel like you should be further ahead, and you keep worrying that you're going to miss something. 

Add to that the pressure of wanting it to be the perfect day, and it's incredibly overwhelming.

You're tired of always playing catch up, never really being sure you're on top of things, and feeling the pressure to stay within your budget. It's a lot for anyone to handle, especially when you're juggling other things, like you know, a full-time job.

I can relate. When I started planning my wedding, I didn't enjoy it. In fact, I was so overwhelmed and anxious, that part of me wanted the whole thing to be over with already. I felt so guilty that I I wasn't enjoying my engagement like I felt I should, and like there was something wrong with me.

Something had to change.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Bundle

So, I did what I do when I’m overwhelmed: I created an action plan.

I compiled a comprehensive task checklist and a thorough budget, and pulled together lists and timelines.

These documents took me from complete overwhelm to feeling empowered to tackle my wedding planning with confidence.

And now, I'm sharing them with you.

After hours of research, trial, and error, I've put together a guide called The Ultimate Wedding Planning Bundle. It contains all the tools I used to help me plan my wedding with ease and control.

Instead of paying hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars for a wedding planner, you can now do everything yourself by leveraging this planning bundle for a fraction of the price. In The Ultimate Wedding Planning Bundle, you’ll have all the tools you need to plan your wedding stress-free.

What does it include?

Wedding Planning Checklist

Say goodbye to the guesswork of not knowing what you need to do or when.

This pre-populated checklist includes all major wedding-related tasks and to-dos. From engagement to the big day, tasks are organized by due date.

The Wedding Checklist is fully editable: add any additional tasks and remove any that don't apply.

Wedding Budget

Get control over your expenses for the big day with this helpful tool.

This pre-populated budget includes all major wedding-related expenses from flowers and centrepieces to bridal party gifts and everything in between. Track both your estimated and actual costs, as well as the amount paid to date so that you always know where your finances stand.

The Wedding Budget is fully editable: add any additional expenses and remove any that don't apply.

Master Guest List

House all guest information in one place with this comprehensive template.

Compile guest names and addresses, RSVPs, meal choices, gifts, and more in this handy spreadsheet.

The Master Guest List is a template that can be used for guest lists of any size. It is fully editable as well.

Wedding Day Timeline

Get everyone on the same page with a day-of timeline. Share it with your venue, vendors, bridal party, and family.

This timeline includes a list of common wedding day-related events. It also includes several examples of how to use it to its fullest.

The Wedding Day Timeline is a template that can be used for timelines of various types. It is fully editable.

Payment Schedule

Stay on top of your wedding finances with this payment schedule.

This sheet keeps track of each vendor's total cost, deposits, and subsequent instalments due along with their due dates and payment methods.

The Wedding Payment Schedule is a template that can be used for any number of vendors. It is fully editable.

Vendor Contact List

Keep track of all vendor information in one place with this handy contact list.

The Vendor Contact List is a template that can be used for any number of vendors. It is fully editable.

About the Author

Kate Morantz

I'm Kate, the lifestyle blogger behind Beyond the Safe Harbor.

After graduating from business school, I worked in various marketing-and strategy-based roles at large organizations. In parallel, I developed a lifestyle blog as well as an Etsy shop selling handmade paper goods.

In early 2017, I left my corporate job to pursue my entrepreneurial passions full time. My blog Beyond the Safe Harbor is devoted to helping women boost their impact, master their money, and better themselves so that they can unlock their most meaningful lives.

Over the last year, as I've planned my wedding, I've shared my learnings along the way, from how to save thousands on your big day to hacks every bride should know. And after helping countless brides with their planning, I'm excited to be offering this bundle to take the stress out of wedding planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already started planning my wedding. Is this right for me?

Depending on how far along you are, it could still be helpful. Almost all of the included spreadsheets can be used throughout the entire planning process.

What format is this product in?

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Bundle is an Excel file with multiple tabs (or spreadsheets). It can also be accessed and used through Google Sheets and Apple Numbers.

Is it printable?

Due to the nature of the spreadsheets (and some formulas!) it's best used in soft copy. That being said, you can definitely print out any sheets you'd like. I've set the print area in each spreadsheet to make them more printer-friendly!

Do I have to be tech-savvy to use it?

A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required to use the spreadsheets in the bundle (or Apple Numbers or Google Sheets if you use one of those instead). But there are no special features needed.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Due to the instant accessibility of digital items, I do not offer refunds. Please don't hesitate to ask questions before buying to ensure you're confident in your purchase and its features.