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You Are Born To Win (Made In God's Image Series Book 2)

This book starts by examining the process by which we came into this world. The fact that you were born suggests that you are an overcomer, and you were born to win. It doesn't matter what you face in this life, you can rise above it and emerge even from the ashes of failure as your greatest self.

Some of the hindrances to our success and our rise to greatness are addressed from the perspective of what it means to be truly human. We were born as winners and born to win by virtue of the One who created all things. In a world facing crisis on all spheres of life, there is a call for the emergence and cultivation of the seed of greatness that you carry. Will you answer the call?

The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment (Made in God’s Image Series Book 1)

I believe, with all my heart, that what men of God like Moses, Enoch and Elijah accessed in their lifetime is available to us today in greater measure by the indwelling of God (Holy Spirit) in the body of believers. If we can find the ancient path and walk with God, we will experience spiritual transformation.

This is an invitation that is open to whoever will to take this journey. It is a journey of faith, a journey of spiritual transformation, mind renewal, and physical transfiguration. This journey will challenge everything about who you are now, with one goal in mind; to bring you to the realization of who you were always meant to be in God.

You Have the Power to Create Your World (Empowering Today's Youth Series Book 1)

This book was written with the future world changers and agents of change in mind. May you create a better world for you and those who will come after you, than the one we and those before us made for you. You have this potential. There is no human being born into this world who lacks the potential to create the kind of world they want to live in.

You have more power than you realize. This world has suffered long enough from an impending identity crisis. It is time we understood who we are as human beings, and just how much potential we have to effect change. If you learn who you are, and believe, you will become who you were meant to become --- and your world will start to change.

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About the Author

C. Orville McLeish

C. Orville McLeish is a published Inspirational Author, Ghostwriter, Screenwriter, and Playwright. He is from a Pentecostal background, born and raised in the Church of God of Prophecy. He is a gifted young man, called to pursue a more Mystical version of Christianity, and seeks to educate anyone who will listen on their true identity in Christ Jesus.

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