The secret to feeling good about yourself and raising truly confident kids

Do you often feel like you're not good enough? 

Do you have a tendency to overthink things?

Do you take too much notice of what other people think of you? 

Are you self-critical and hard on yourself? 

Would you like to have more confidence in yourself and your opinions? 

Do you hold yourself back from doing the things you really want to in life? 

Does this cause you to feel anxious and low at times? 

Do you want your child/ren to grow up to love, respect and value themselves in a way that you weren't able to? 

This eBook will help you to:

*Feel more confident, trust your own decisions & do what you want rather than what you think others want

* Be less self-critical and more self-assured

* Learn how to see yourself as 'good enough'

* Be the role model for your children that you want to be

* Support your children to learn to love themselves and feel confident as they grow into adults

*Create a happier and calmer family life