Unbothered & Unstuck: The Workbook

Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset

Words have power and can do a number on you! They move us, inspire us to action, comfort and encourage us, or they remind us we aren't good enough, contributes to our stress levels, triggers the imposter syndrome, and sometimes it show up to remind us we are still not created equal. 

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”

- Lisa M. Hayes 

  • How we talk to ourselves and other's is at the heart of many of our issues
  • Challenging unhealthy thoughts is an act of self love
  • There are many creative ways to get our message across, but learning to speak so others will listen is a skill 
  • What are you saying to yourself and how do you change it?


    Understand how words shape your life. 

    Dare to speak with empathy so others will listen.

    Practical ways to upgrade your mindset. 



    This is THE guide to take a look at the power of your words and to effectively change your story.  If you want to learn how to become Unstuck and Unbothered this free, interactive, action filled guide is it. 

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    Amanda Fludd

    Your resident Licensed Therapist and Coach. Spilling her secrets with some help from a lawyer, entrepreneur, and artist to help you align your words, create new habits, and speak so others will listen.

    Our beliefs are made up of thoughts, and our thoughts are just words that come together. That means we can change what we believe by simply changing what we say to ourselves and others.

    Amanda Fludd, LCSW-R

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