7 Day E-Course

Day 1 - The Nitty Gritty

We start with what is, for many, the hardest part of starting a business - the technical and nitty gritty parts of business. 

Day 2 - Branding

We talk through branding, and how you need to start with a clear identifying brand to begin.

Day 3 - Market Research

Who are your customers? Who do you need to sell to? Defining your niche is broken down into small, achievable steps.

Day 4 - Making A Profit

We walk through how you can make a profit straight off the bat, and easy to understand budgeting and free services and tools to use in business.

Day 5 - Website & SEO

Step by step we help guide you through your setup of website and SEO. Every one needs a website these days - but where do you even start to build one?

Day 6 - Marketing Strategy

Here we really hone in on how you will market your business and brand to your niche to see a profit. 

Day 7 - Launch

The complete checklist for your launch day - from how to capitalise on publicity and getting the word out there.