Launching In...


You have a goal. You have a vision for your life. And it includes running your own business. Maybe you have had this dream for a while, quietly brewing inside your head. Maybe you’ve even tried to start once (or a few!) times, but it fizzled out because it became too hard, too overwhelming, or you just felt like you had no idea what you were doing.

What you were missing, was actionable and practical steps to walk you through starting your own business. It can be confusing, and it can be challenging doing this alone. Luckily, when joining the Girl Boss Mag community, you won’t ever have to face the challenges of small biz alone.

In this free 7 Day Startup, you will learn everything there is to know about starting a business – in just 7 days. We’ve broken down the confusing jargon, the marketing strategies that actually work, the seemingly never ending steps it takes to start, into bite-sized, actionable and manageable content.

You will find no fluff, no over-the-top and unrealistic expectations. Just real-life help for women wanting to start their own business, now. Join the 7 Day Start-Up today to find out how you can also turn your dream of being your own boss into a reality.

Who We Are

Girl Boss Mag was created in 2017, by our Editor-In-Chief, Taneesha Davis. Taneesha was fresh off wrapping up her freelance events business when she felt the need that many small business owners feel; the need for support. 

Reaching out amongst her community on the Mornington Peninsula, she soon realised she wasn't alone in her endeavour. Considered one of the highest rates of women small business owners, the Mornington Peninsula was swimming with talented local ladies who wanted real, actionable and relatable content, and a community to share that within. 

From there, Girl Boss Mag has gone from strength to strength as an online and physical magazine, whilst offering online content such as workbooks, checklists and coming late 2020, a podcast, too. 

Helping women in business has being at the forefront of every decision Girl Boss Mag has made. Helping women start a lasting brand and business is how we plan to succeed in that goal.