A few years ago, I was anxious all the time. I was having panic attacks and I was fearful that something was majorly wrong with me.

I'd be fine one minute and the next I would be scared I was dying!

My mood was all over the place.

I snapped at my loved ones and felt irritable like I wanted to punch everyone in the face (this was not me at all)!

You know in your gut something isn't right...

The worst thing even more than these anxious feelings was that my provider told me it was all in my head.

Here are some pills and I was sent on my way.

I knew in my gut that it wasn't in my head so for the next 7 years, I went from provider to provider.

I did the pills for a while...my libido left, I was still irritable, and I still didn't feel myself.

Someone suggested I try going gluten-free because I was having balance issues.

I was having blood sugar issues....and the pills made me gain weight too.

On this page, I'll share what I used to help with anxiety!

Check out on this link how my insomnia stopped!

And here how I tackled hormones and my blood sugar issues!

I'm so excited to tell you the best part!!!

God led me to find healing and I'm so thrilled to live my life now without anxiety!

I'm excited about the future and greater health and healing!

This girl didn't drive for almost a year without white-knuckling the steering wheel (I never knew when panic attacks would hit)!

This girl sat near the exit for a long time because she needed a quick getaway if anxiety returned.

Fast forward to 2021 and life is completely different!

Recently, I got up in front of 150 women for an hour to talk about my faith and transformation!

I know the products I'm using can help you also!

Friend- this might be what you have been looking for!

The best part is we can journey together!

I will share with you what I used to help me feel better.

My Story

Why Young Living?

There are lots of essential oils out there... I mean Walmart and the local drugstore has them, so why did I choose Young Living?

*High-quality ingredients. 

When they say there is 100% pure essential oil, that’s what you get. Most oils on the market are adulterated. Young Living has the Seed to Seal promise, which means that they control the process from the seed going into the ground until the oil is bottled. For us, that means we can be sure of a pure, safe, and toxic-free essential oil.


    As a Christian woman, this company was built on Biblical principles. The company is a good steward of our land and gives back in many ways through foundations and philanthropic work. Many of the individuals within this organization want to make a difference in our world.

      *Lifestyle and Alternatives. 

      I  was feeling frustrated with the level of care being offered in my country and wanted safer alternatives to what was currently being offered. I also wanted safe, non-toxic products for my home. The Seed to Seal promise from Young Living applies to all their products.

        *Leader/Pioneer in the Essential Oil World.

        This company is the pioneer and leader of all essential oil companies. Young Living was started 25 years ago and continues to lead the pack.

          How do I sign up?

          How to Get Started with Young Living:

          1. Go to youngliving.com
          2. Click become a member (upper right)
          3. Choose wholesale membership
          4. Enter my number 17051478 in both boxes.
          5. Continue checking next/continue to choose your Premium Starter Kit, add items to your order, and enter your personal info. *Write down your username, password, and pin for later.
          6. After checkout, check my account and write down your member #.
          7. Wait patiently for your order to come!