Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead

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Day 1

Writing Your Dreams Down

On Day  1 you will create a vision board which is a visual representation of what you want and need for your homestead.

Day 2

Turn Your Dreams To Goals

On Day 2 you will write out specific and focused goals that you want to achieve throughout your homestead journey.

Day 3

Planning Out Your Goals

On Day 3 you will write out specific action steps to help you succeed at the goals you set in Day 2 in a planner or a binder.

Day 4

From Planning to Budgeting

On Day 4 you will create your personalized budget for your homestead to stay on track with financial responsibilities.

Day 5

Organizing Your Days

On Day 5 you will start your very own homestead binder and plan out your days, weeks and months ahead.

Follow Up Day

Take a Survey

On Day 6 you will answer some simple questions that will help me with future updates on the course materials.