You've put a lot of effort into raising your kids...and you thought that, once they became adults, you
could finally relax a bit and focus on yourself.

With addiction, we tend to see signs overtime that something isn't quite right. Maybe our children stopped going to classes or couldn't hold a job. Maybe we started seeing charges on credit cards that didn't make sense. Strange phone calls or leaving late at night. No matter what the patterns are, we eventually realize that our adult child has a drug or alcohol problem. 

Like the committed parent you've always been, of course you jump right in - ready to do whatever you can to fix it.

We can spend so much time and energy researching the best treatment options, reading books, and participating in self-help or Facebook groups.

To save our children, and our sanity, we start to...

Learn a lot about the illness of addiction and how we can support our children

Implement boundaries and self-care

Decrease enabling and make headway on “detaching with love”

    That can really help, but we can still find ourselves...

    Feeling torn between what we "should" do and what we want to do

    Feeling distressed as we try to figure out all the things we can't figure out

    Wondering if we can ever focus on what we want for ourselves

    You've come so far and learned so much, but it can still feel like...

    A rollercoaster of emotions: angry one moment and grieving the next.

    It's difficult to talk to your child or other loved ones, without it leading to arguments or judgment.

    Inner peace and freedom are elusive and depend on what your adult child does.

    Yes, suffering is WISE! It tells us something is off. And, we know we can't change others. So, our suffering tells us that WE are doing something, or not doing something, that is perpetuating our emotional or psychological patterns. This is good news! It means that there is a way to approach things differently. 

    The challenge is that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to see our own "stuff." Another challenge is that there are lots of ideas out there that actually just don't work to decrease suffering. They can really make us feel worse in the long run. 

    But if you are stuck in suffering, your mind/body is sending you a message that there is a way to end the emotional turmoil and regain your peace of mind. My goal is helping you to find that way. 

    It can be so tiring to feel caught in the middle or like any of this is your responsibility.

    But, It can be hard to believe there's anything new you could try that would make any difference at all. You might think, because you’ve been dealing with it for so long, that it just has to be like this – that the stress and strained relationships come with the territory.

    I can help you cut through all the noise and random advice out there about boundaries, enabling, and “letting go;” and find a clear path through this journey.

    I teach parents evidence-based and other practices that align with reality instead of the common platitudes preached by ideologies that often keep us stuck in suffering.

    The Zen Community is Not:

    Just a course where you'll be inundated with an overwhelming amount of information, which you'll then have to sort through alone. 

    "Pop psychology” or inspirational “fluff” that sounds good but doesn’t actually achieve long-term results and peace. 

    Therapy. This isn't group counseling, as it doesn't treat mental health illnesses. It offers coaching and teaching that focuses on living well in the present and future. 

    A typical Facebook or other support group. The community is led by a professional who has expertise in facilitating behavioral change and psychological well-being; and who has the lived experience of being the parent of an adult child with addiction issues.

    The Zen Community is:

    Transformative. It is a live program with ongoing support and guidance that gives you time to practice and live what you learn. 

    Based on research. You may be surprised to discover that the suggestions you've heard elsewhere are actually ineffective for long-term positive change.

    A place with a clear path and direction that will guide you with short, monthly educational lessons.

    A safe, nonjudgmental place where parents can come together and find peace in the midst of this journey.  You will be encouraged to start where you are, listen to your intuition, and make informed decisions about how to take care of yourself and your family.

    Experience Belonging

    You will work hand-in-hand with me and a small group of other parents who are dedicated to self-growth and positive change. 

    Gain Clarity

    I will cut through all the confusing and conflicting advice out there and show you what to focus on, so that you can move forward and make progress. 

    Build Confidence

    You will learn concrete, research-based skills so that you can address the painful emotions, damaged relationships, and unhealthy behaviors that commonly arise. 

    Find Peace

    You will learn the psychology behind Mindfulness strategies that decrease reactivity, so that you can respond with understanding. 

    Cultivate Compassion

    You will be guided through exercises that are designed to help you improve relationships and increase compassion for yourself, your adult child, and others.

    Achieve Freedom

    You will discover how you can connect with your core values and live an enriched life of your own – all while being a loving and compassionate parent.

    The Zen Community is currently closed for new members and will reopen in 2021.

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    Each month, we will dive into what it takes to live, love, and let go well.

    Monthly Video Lesson

    The first week of each month, you’ll receive an online lesson that teaches one aspect of how to find peace and well-being. You will have access to this content as long as you're a member.

    Monthly Practice

    The second week, you’ll be given a Mindfulness exercise you can practice, so that you can apply what you learn to your life. 

    Monthly Live Meeting

    During the third week of each month, you can join me for our monthly live (face to face!) group meeting, where you can work through and discuss the lessons, or ask questions about any topic you like.  

    Monthly "Video Coffee Chat"

    I'll have a one-on-one recorded meeting with a volunteer member of the Zen Community. You'll get to know each other on a deeper level, and that member will have a chance to share their experience and ask any questions they like. This tends to help others as well, as we can usually relate to what comes up. 

    You're ready if

    • You're the parent of an adult child (18 plus) with a drug/alchohol use problem. 
    • You're ready to stop putting yourself last
    • You want to be uplifted by a supportive group of parents with shared experiences.
    • You're open to new perspectives and self-reflection..

    You're not quite ready if

    • You’re child is not yet an adult.
    • You are looking for a "quick fix" or to make your child choose recovery.
    • You're looking for a place to vent your frustrations without making positive changes within yourself. 
    • You have trouble controlling your emotions in most situations.

    The Zen Community is currently closed for new members and will reopen in 2021.

    Be the first to hear when it reopens!

    1. When does the Zen Community reopen?

    November 1, 2020

    2. How will I receive the monthly lessons?

    They'll all be stored in one place - on a platform called Teachable, which you can log in to and access the lessons as long as you're a member. 

    3. What topics will be covered in the monthly lessons? 

    We will cover the well-known themes of  boundaries, difficult emotions, self-care and more. We will also cover topics that address lesser-known issues that can contribute significantly to self-growth, peace, and improved relationships. 

    4. Will I need new technology or equipment?

    The technology we'll utilize is simple and user-friendly. There will be a private members-only Facebook group that you can join for further support and interaction when the community opens. The educational lessons will be held by a website called Teachable, and I'll email you a link to log in and access them.  We'll use Zoom for our video meetings, which is a free downloadable app that you use on your phone, tablet, or laptop and uses the device's camera. 

    5. What is the cost for membership?

    The cost is $35.00 per month or $347 for 12 months. Because of the pricing structure, there are no refunds. But if you pay monthly, you can cancel at any time and not pay for future months. 

    6. When will the monthly meetings take place? 

    Once everyone has signed up, I'll create a poll with some options to see when the majority of members can attend. They will last for 75 minutes in general. The one-on-one monthly "coffee chat" meetings will take place when the member I"m meeting can schedule. 

    7. What if I can't attend the video meetings live?

    I will be recording all video calls so that you can view them at your convenience. This way, you can still get everything you need from the program if you need to miss some calls.

    8. Can I join the community at any time? 

    Sign up through the end of October for our November start date. The Community won't open again until 2021 (probably not until Spring). This allows time for the community members to start working together as an intentional community. And, it prevents me from being overwhelmed with administration. 

    9. What will my biggest take-aways be as a member? 

    My mission is to help parents access peace and live according to their values, both as parents and as unique individuals. I do this by giving them research-based tools that they can apply to their lives, and by helping them shed the "have to's" that have been ingrained by ideologies or other sources. In this way, I also help addicted adult children receive the love and kindness that naturally arises from this space. 

    Your next steps...

    Choose how you'd like to join by clicking on the buttons below, which link to PayPal. You can choose monthly payments or one discounted annual payment. One you join, you'll receive a confirmation email, and more information will be on the way soon!

    The Zen Community is currently closed for new members and will reopen in 2021.

    Be the first to hear when it reopens!