Creating You Creating Her

Virtual Summit

Powerful Women At The Table, Reveal How To Bridge the GAP in Your Business By Leveraging Your Genius, Tools & Those In Your Network.

January 18-27, 2021

Are You Going Through Any Of These Experiences ?

  • You're spending more time working on everyone else's to do list and have no process to plan out what you need to get done throughout the day.
  • You're struggling with time management and creating work life harmony.
  • You're unclear about your goals and mission. Your plans change at least once a quarter on what you're going to focus on. 
  • You don't have a sound foundation so you get distracted by all the latest marketing, sales funnels, tools and gimmicks on the market.
  • You're unsure why your business is not growing and why your message is not reaching your ideal client.

Who Is This For?

The woman who wants to build a successful business while also creating work life balance that fits her lifestyle.

The woman who has started a business and now feels that dream is fading because she’s all over the place and doesn’t have clear goals or processes to make it happen.

It's also for the woman who has plateaued in her earnings and is looking for ways to take her business to the next level. 

There are a lot of things you will feel when you're struggling with unclear goals, an overloaded schedule and insufficient processes.

One of the first things you will feel is the stress of not having work life harmony. You're physically exhausted, tired of missing family gatherings, your kids recitals, games, date night and other important events.

What about the hobbies that once brought you so much joy? They're collecting dust waiting for the day you have time to pick them up again.

Your days will feel much longer because you're working more hours and putting out more fires than concentrating on your important objectives.

That's when you start noticing your business growth is not where you feel it should be right now.

It's time to set aside some time to make some adjustments, so you can go on vacation again, reclaim time back with your loved ones, stop doubting yourself and your abilities, stop feeling overwhelmed, start bringing in more revenue and working less hours so you can enjoy your work and personal life. 

The speakers you will hear durning this summit are bringing in their desired income while still enjoying their life. They will share some of their tips, tricks and processes that have changed they way they work.

Our Mission 

The Creating You Creating Her Summit will show women the power they have within them even when they feel like giving up. Showing women how to use their gifts, talents, team and energy to build their legacy while serving others. 

Illustrating ways she can use her unique voice to get her message across to serve her ideal clients better while also bringing in more business and income.

We do this by providing tools to break down mental roadblocks and processes that work and will give back time wasted. We want women to walk away with things they  can implement to help with  building a better business and life.