Have you had enough of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tearful?  

Have you spent so much time worrying about what people think of you that you don’t know what you want anymore?

Do you feel guilty at the idea of putting yourself first?

Imagine if... You could reconnect with who you are and start 2021 with a new level of trust and confidence in yourself so that you can enjoy your life fully

Imagine if... You had the tools to stop the negative thinking in its tracks

Imagine if... You revamped your lifestyle so that it supports your wellbeing

        What to expect

        Short daily practices and mini confidence challenges sent to you by email

        My Radiant Wellbeing workbook with journaling prompts, inspirations and guidance to support you during the challenge.

        Live in the Facebook group at 3.00pm on Day 5: How to programme your mind for confidence. Don't worry if you can't make it live as the replay will be available in the group for you to catch up later.

        Support of the community in the Facebook group as you go through the challenge. 

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        Day 1: 15 minutes yoga sequence 

        Learn to tune into your body to step into your confidence

        Day 2: Breathing techniques to flow with life

        Discover how to use the breath to connect within and allow you to flow with life with trust and confidence

        Day 3: Develop an attitude of gratitude

        Gratitude is a game changer when it comes to confidence. Embrace its transformative power.

        Day 4: Meditation for inner strength

        Turn your attention inwards and connect with your inner wisdom, where your confidence comes from

        Day 5: Programme your mind for confidence

        Join me live in the Facebook group at 3.00pm with your workbook for some confidence-building coaching. 

        Hi, I'm Anne-Michèle (Michèle for short),

        Self-confidence and self-love were not part of my vocabulary as I was growing up and into my 30s.

        I was a born people pleaser, to a point that I would forget what I enjoyed. 

        I didn't like myself and (no surprise there!) I didn't invest much time, money or energy in my wellbeing.

        Stress and worry became daily occurrences for me, but still I didn't pay much attention to them and just carried on as normal.

        Until it got too much. 

        When my daughter was born, the stress turned into full blown anxiety with panic attacks, sleepless nights and feeling tearful pretty much all the time.

        My GP at the time suggested that I start yoga and it changed everything!

        More than relaxing me and helping me sleep better (which was amazing!), it enabled me to reconnect with myself.

        I developed a better relationship with my body and I became kinder to myself.

        I started to feel more positive about life and its ups and downs.

        I discovered what I liked and didn't like. I started standing up for myself.

        It became clear that me that my lack of self-confidence and self-love had caused me to neglect myself, opening the door nice and wide for stress and anxiety to take hold of me.

        Now, as a yoga teacher and coach, my mission is to help you build your confidence and love for yourself because I know that when you start trusting yourself and loving yourself, the anxiety and stress that are ruining your life will lose their grip over you.

        It is our birthright to be happy, confident and radiant. 

        I can't wait to guide you along this amazing journey.

        Book your space today and join me on the 18th January to start transforming your life.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        I've got lots going on! How long will this take me?

        I hear you! The daily sessions will be 15 minutes (and will also be available on replay if the time isn't right for you). 

        I can't do yoga. I'm not flexible.

        You don't need to be. I was not flexible at all when I first started yoga. Increased flexibility can come out of you practising yoga, but you don't need to be flexible to get the benefits of it all.

        There's always something going on and I can't switch off when I'm at home.

        That's what's great about the replays. They'll be there for you when you have the time for them! You can then find a quiet room or use some headphones to create your own little space.

        I've never done yoga before. Can I still join?

        Of course you can. We all start at zero. All the practices we will do are accessible to all ages and abilities. I wasn't flexible when I first started and I haven't forgotten how that feels.