What readers are saying about this book


the Bookbag

"...classy ride ... genre-buster that gradually builds into something differently special, with a final twist to remember."


the Indie Tribe

"It maintains good measures of humour and horror throughout and provides an excellent read."


Amazon Reviewer

"A great debut novel with loads of laughs and dark humour."

About the author

Mark Lingane

Mark was first published at eight, when a local newspaper published his review of Disney on Ice. The next time his name was in print was a life time later at the age of fifteen, when a national magazine ran his review of the Commodore 64. It was downhill from there, with weekly and monthly columns in various newspapers and magazines that funded a rather noncommittal path through university, studying a range of topics including Robotics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Psychology.

He now writes off-beat science fiction books, some of which have won awards. The Tesla Evolution series is studied at school and university-level in the US and UK.