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overwhelm to get more done calmly and practically.

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The approach is to look at both sides of the coin… 

  • Practical tips and techniques to help manage daily tasks to get more done and dealing with emotional blocks, like confidence, low self-esteem or feeling ‘I am not Enough’.
  • Resetting, restarting and refreshing and embracing new positive mindsets

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Pam Miller

Careers in Health, Education & Management have clarified a few things for Pam, a multi- passionate, positive realist: She distills large issues down to manageable skills and analyses skills into a sequence of do-able tasks. Pam believes in turning the knowledge and wisdom we gained in life into useful goals and systems for our next stage in life. The best is yet to come!

Pam, works under Creatively Functional Lifestyle, with people who are stuck- two main groups: Multipassionate people who are needing help in managing their time to be able to reach their goals. Also, women above 45/50 who are entering a new stage of their life. In both cases, Pam gives insight into what will give them momentum towards their new life. 

Mentoring of new skills and knowledge helps these women to harness their wisdom and energy to achieve their goals and dreams.

Elmien Riley

After 20 years in the corporate world, Elmien embarked on a new life journey after she discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). She studied RTT with the remarkable Marisa Peer and now practices as an RTT Therapist and Coach.

Elmien works with clients under Mind Life Wellness on a range of issues like anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome, corporate burnout and insomnia. 

The value of RTT is in the rapid transformation that is able to take place as the technique finds the limiting and negative beliefs, enabling the client to release and live the life they were meant to live.

She draws from her experience in the financial services industry as well as advertising and marketing to assist clients with support in building better team, finding their voice and interpersonal dynamics.


Change is not easy, our brains hold on to what is familiar, but change is inevitable - it could be a decision you made, or forced upon you - but it leads you to a point where the old way of doing or thinking is not relevant anymore. 

You need a complete ‘reset’ and that ‘reset’ process is to untangle from bad routines, bad mindsets. 

The next step is to Align with what you want to be doing - it is a thoughtful process. 

Untangle and realigning is an active process. Ultimately, the goal is to help you thrive through change, to give you calm and practical tools to align you to a more purposeful way of thinking and doing. 

To become the person you want to be.


If that feeling of being stuck, wanting to move forward, but being directionless and you cant see beyond the next day, the next week… if that feeling has became an all too familiar then you are in good company.

But with our two-pronged approach, we  look at both sides of the coin… 

  • Practical tips and techniques to help manage daily tasks to get more done; and 
  • Dealing with emotional blocks, like confidence, low self-esteem or feeling ‘I am not Enough’.




Untangle || Realign 


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