Lead magnet


Is your current goal to grow your email list?

Are you churning out endless content for social media, which takes up loads of time and head space but not really getting you any sales or clients?

Is no one signing up to your existing email list because you're not offering anything worth signing up for? (The vague offer of a newsletter is not good enough for some people!)

Would you love to build an email list full of perfect prospects who see you as an authority in your area of work?

Would you like to build trust with your audience and get more bookings and sales?

Imagine being supported and guided through an easy, step by step process to offer a tailored lead magnet and automated welcome sequence to your ideal clients.

(And you can relax, because it'll all be set up and working in the background automatically.)

My Grow Your List package enables you to share a lead magnet that attracts your perfect audience to sign up to your email list.

What we cover:

Grow Your List is a supportive, easy to follow package for clients who want to grow their email list.

It includes everything you need to start sharing your new or existing lead magnet and attracting the right kind of people to join your list.

I work with you to create and connect up a 'Fabulous Freebie'; a really useful lead magnet that will really help your ideal client with whatever problem they're facing.

(It's easy to come up with ideas, because your business is all about solving this problem for your clients, right?)

After signing up, your audience will be able to instantly download your freebie then they'll receive an automated email welcome sequence, building trust and letting them get to know you better.

And when they are ready to buy, they'll feel like they already know you - you've already built that crucial 'know, like, trust' factor that will improve your chance of sales or bookings.

Now they're on your list, you can go ahead and share your offers and news.

It's brilliant! And a much more solid strategy than social media marketing.

    Why get started now?

    Email marketing is so important because you own your audience. Relying purely on social media followers is an incredibly risky strategy – what if the platform went down or you were de-platformed? Your account, along with your followers, would disappear.

    I’ve seen it happen!

    Social media data is not yours, but you do own your email list. You can relax and be assured of security and continuation should social media crash or you decide to leave (like I did).

    Email marketing is a crucial element of your overall marketing strategy. You need to build an email list of happy, engaged prospects who are glad to give you their email address and let you into their precious inbox. These people are gold. They are warm leads. They actively opted in and WANT to hear from you, making future sales so much easier.

    What you get

      • Free initial call to find out where you're at with your email marketing, and what support you need.
      • Fully optimised free Mailerlite account for up to 1000 email addresses/12000 emails per month
      • Branded sign up form to share on your website and across your social media channels
      • Branded clickable graphic on your website home page (linking to the sign up form)
      • Branded newsletter template (for your automated welcome sequence and it's also ready to go for sending future standalone or automated emails/newsletters.
      • Lead magnet and up to 5 automated emails forming a welcome sequence
      • Free personalised demo video to refer to on how to send future emails to your audience
      • Lots of ideas of where to place your sign up link.


      • A shared Google folder to upload your copy and images.
      • My professional advice and tips on newsletter and email marketing best practice.
      • Guidance and support on every step.

      Bonus #1 If you need support with your copy, I'll send you my templates for the email sequence. 

      Bonus #2 As an experienced web designer, I can take care of all of the techy website bits (or work with your website person).

      What's the cost?

      From £399 using your existing lead magnet.

      From £499 creating a new lead magnet.

      About Jackie

      I'm an accredited email marketing professional, I've been working in Mailchimp, Mailerlite and other platforms for over 15 years. Plus, my experience in copywriting, web design and graphic design means I can offer you all the creative and tech support you need to craft your emails and create or improve your lead magnet.

      I've trained with some of the leading digital marketing experts including Amy Porterfield and (closer to home!) Rob and Kennedy so I'm right up to date with email marketing best practice.

      I designed this package because I've cherry-picked the best (and easiest) ways to grow your email list. My own lead magnets and welcome sequences have landed me several new clients over the years, and I've had great feedback from my clients. I know this works!



      You'll need to provide:

      • Some initial set-up information (I'll send you a Google Form to complete)
      • Copy for your email sequence (I have a great template you can follow)
      • Any branding guidelines you have (your logo, colour palette and preferred fonts)

            HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?
            This can be turned around within two weeks
            but I won't rush you. We'll work through my step by step process.

            If you have an existing lead magnet
            , I'll review it and make suggestions for improvements (if necessary). I can elevate your freebie using Canva Pro software (additional cost).

            If you're starting from scratch,
            I'll work with you to create your lead magnet, so you'd pay the higher package rate (from £499 depending on how big the lead magnet is).


            I provide guidance on what to include in your email sequence, and you also have the option of booking an hour of one-to-one support with a professional copywriter. We'll discuss this during our initial call.