What readers are saying about this book

Tania Clarke

Founder of TC Changes Ltd

I read the first chapter of this and was hooked. The writers are insightful and have brought together a range of really current ideas and developments in a very readable way. More than that they've added an interesting way to bypass the brain's "critical factor" to really get to the heart of business development. Excellent. A modern business necessity

Stewart Stone

MD, Enhancing Potential

Colourful Boardrooms provides an alternative and refreshing look at leadership and corporate life.  Just finished this excellent book on the relationship between leadership and colour. A refreshing and insightful examination of corporate life, it's rare to want to read a book again as soon as you finish it! Highly recommended, expect the unexpected and enjoy the journey.

Jeanette Fourie

Former Director at Aramark

A well written and easy to read book. It is an interesting and thought-provoking read looking at organisations using a very different perspective. The authors use relevant quotes with current examples. They explain the foundation of their ideas and their theory and bring the reader along with them using a light, challenging style. This is a book on organisational development written by two authors who draw on their years of experience in organisational change to give an account of how organisations appear to be moving in this new age of communication and interconnection.

About the authors

Kate Griffiths and Kath Roberts

This is our first venture into the world of publishing borne out of a desire to share our reflections on leadership thinking and organisational systems.  The wisdom is distilled from over twenty years of working with executive teams in the private and public sector for Kate and hands-on operational experience at a senior level in business for Kath.

Our intention is to shine a light on how the world of business is changing and that business as usual just won't cut it any more.  Our focus is on individual leaders because organisations don't change people do.

Colourful Boardrooms has revealed how much true collaboration is an art as the book is a joint creation which could never have been realised with just one of us. It bears testament to a fundamental belief that we each hold that together we are infinitely more.